Antique cameras

Antique cameras or the old cameras are of great demand and attract many photographers. Today’s digital cameras and high technology cameras no doubt give pleasure and quality to the people, but there is a liking of many people to possess antique camera. In early days, the cameras were made up of different materials altogether. The photographic apparatus earlier were made up from metal and plastic. Many stunning cameras were hand crafted by brass, polished wood and leather. ?
The wood cameras lasted from its dawn of photography to early part of 20th century. So, the antique cameras date way behind to the year 1839. The collectibles provide much important and useful information about the technology under use. It also puts light on the facts of the style and kind of photography prevalent in the particular period. They serve a vital gateway in representing a time like the art deco. These antique cameras have a historical significance attached to it by bringing to the world the new advancement of technology. As we move further into new era of digital images, these antique cameras, their advertising styles and the references, can trace the roots of photography. ?
The antique cameras as earlier said were constructed using different kind of materials like wood, brass, leather, etc. These cameras range from multi-lens camera, traditional style cameras, portable hand and stand cameras, and box cameras.? These cameras give you the charm of old days and are of special significance to modern day photographers.?
The wooden camera range from box or portable camera and these devices are said to be the archeology of photography. The classic wooden sliding cameras were made of mahogany and appear to date from the early 1800s. The magical images appeared on the ground glass of camera that inspired the search for the way to fix these beautiful images. The artist’s camera is adapted to take light sensitive material were used to take the first photographs. These box cameras have inner lenses. The length becomes 13 inches long when the inner boxes are extended for focus.?
The mahogany box cameras with stylish hinge are identified to be dated from early 19th century. In these box cameras, the focus is achieved by sliding the inner section of the box in and out. These wooden box cameras consist of sliding brass lens for focusing bright, sharp images on the ground glass with a Fresnel screen that works well for drawing. ?
It is also very important to restore antique cameras. The metal part of the camera should be taken care of especially as most of them are nickel-plated or solid brass. With the help of metal polish, either type can be restored to its original brightness. If the antique camera is to be kept on display, a coating of pasted wax will protect metal from air and slow down the formation of tarnish. For the brass parts, better protection can be provided using polyurethane varnish, clear lacquer or clear enamel than pasted wax. The lens and viewfinder can be cleaned using lens-cleaning tissue or cotton swab dampened with lens cleaner. The lens coating can be damaged due to the use of papers or solutions intended for eyeglasses. Thus, proper care should be taken to keep the antique cameras in working condition.

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