Antique Dolls

Antique Dolls are popular collectible items. They were a majority of liking of little girls and children. In olden days, children often played with these dolls by dressing and redressing them. The antique dolls have sometimes bodies worn out that are patched or re-patched. Antique dolls have to be handled with care and some of them can become really cute toys for kids who are still interested in playing with dolls.

It is difficult to purchase antique dolls over the internet. The modern dolls like the Barbie collection are easily available that are painted in a standard way, with standard manufactured clothing. Where as the antique dolls are unique with respect to their clothing and looks. Thus, it becomes necessary to have a personal look on the dolls before purchasing them. If you are a novice in case of antique dolls, then you must follow certain tips as follows;

The first thing that strikes the mind while starting to collect antique dolls is its condition. It is obvious that the body of the dolls can be worn out, with some patching work done. Replacement of body parts such as the eyes, wigs and other parts can be expensive and finding the appropriate clothing. Reproduction of clothes and shoes are widely available if an undressed doll is purchased. It is just that it is cheaper than the others are. For this, study of antique dolls in necessary, to properly shop for its accessories. Antique Doll Collector is a good magazine that has all the concerned details regarding the dolls and their dealers.

The prices for antique dolls have a good range, i.e. it can be purchased by anyone as the prices are equal to or less than current artist made dolls. Many of the German made dolls are in the range of $200 to $500.

While selecting antique dolls one should be careful of the hairline cracks and other imperfections. They can tend to increase in magnitude as days pass. It should be considered mainly if you have an expectation of re-selling it. However, minute damages are not visible when the dolls are at display. Therefore, before purchasing them a thorough scrutiny should follow.

Clothing, shoes and accessories are another section to concentrate. Try purchasing an original doll with its garments, shoes, hats and other stuffs. It can be expensive to look out for each accessory individually and it should suit the looks of the doll.

The inspection should cover all these tips along with some other important aspects such as
* Make use of lights and torch to inspect any cracks or damage. If possible, remove the wig and the pate and have a look at the head properly. Any dark patches may indicate restoration work, so avoid those dolls.
* Inspect the eyes if they have been reset. It should match the overall structure of the doll.
* See the integrity of the costumes, check for any moth holes on the fabric of the cloth.
* An important consideration for the overall value of the doll is, whether it has an appropriate body. The dealers very often keep changing the body parts to attract customers depending on their likings. So look out for it before buying the antique doll.
* Finally, just try to glance the overall doll and determine what its overall impression is. It can be considered by keeping the price tag in mind.

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