Antique trucks

Antique trucks since long have interested American inhabitants. It has become their favorite pastime. Collecting these trucks is not only a hobby but it is a passion for some. Special groups, clubs and museums have been created to showcase the collected automobiles.

Older trucks were used largely in agriculture. They belonged to the 20th century. The oldest and the most original truck was the Mack truck which was owned by John Mack. They were introduced during the 1800s and since then have seen their expansion to buses, dump trucks, semis and other 18 wheeler vehicles.

The popular brands include Chevy, Dodge, and Ford out of which the Dodge truck is a favorite one. The value and the cost of the truck depend upon its rarity and its present condition. The price ranges from anything few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Many museums and magazines have been designed to house these antique Dodge trucks.

The oldest Dodge truck model was the Dodge Model 30 which as built in the year 1914 by the dodge brothers company. It was a 4 cylinder truck with a body made entirely of steel. The features of this antique truck were 12 volt electrical system and sliding gear transmission. The other Dodge model was model T which had an antique planetary pattern but it was phased out of market very soon by the year 1927. During the years of introduction of the company only light duty trucks were manufactured but later during the 1930s and 1940s the medium and heavy duty trucks were also introduced.

During late 1930s, the Dodge Company introduced the 14 cylinder trucks which proved to be major breakthrough for the company. The company also introduced newer and more improved versions of trucks during the year 1939. But due to the Second World War the company was shut down. Later in the years from 1945 to 1949 a number of 6 cylinder trucks came into being which were named the ‘Power Wagon’.

Antique dodge trucks can be bought from auctions, trade shows, trade magazines or even web site biddings. An American truck Historical Society has been formed specially which deals with the buying and selling of antique trucks. They even have memberships and newsletters to keep the interested ones updated about antique dodge trucks. An antique truck museum can be found in almost all states of USA.

There are a number of antique dodge trucks to choose from. They include Dodge Model 30, Dodge Model T, Series 116 and many more. Even today some of these trucks are on display and even for sale. Interested people can participate in auctions and biddings to own one of the antique Dodge trucks. These trucks are extremely popular and are a symbol of prestige. Hence more and more people have opted for buying these antique Dodge trucks. Even though the Dodge trucks gained more popularity after the Second World War, even today there are many people who want to add these vintage automobiles to their collection.

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