Are Celtic Bracelets Great Gifts For Both Men And Women?

There is a deep-rooted connection to nature in Celtic bracelets. The designs of the knots and weaves are literal translations from nature into the jewelry. There also is quite a romantic association with Celtic bracelets and the designs used with many who wear them, feeling that there is an idealistic meaning in the specific piece they adorn themselves with. It is well known that the Celts were very passionate and idealistic people which are visually evident in the jewelry designs now used throughout the world.

There are so many reasons to buy Celtic bracelets, but the chief reason would have to be the symbolism that they hold. From the weaves, knots and crosses to the materials used, these symbols date back centuries and are strong signs of the Irish heritage they hold.

The materials that are commonly used in making Celtic bracelets are silver and leather. These alone match the earthy feel that accompanies the ancient Celtic symbol. As they are durable and will look good with just about any item of clothing, they are a good choice as an accessory.

Typically, one material is used to make a bracelet however, on occasion you may find that a silver bracelet has gemstones or other metals included to add to a specific design. Gold and platinum bracelets are also available but are not found as frequently.

There are plain, yet well designed bracelets which are well-liked as a way to display your Celtic heritage or even if you are just intrigued with the culture. These are usually made up of a thin piece of metal with a single knot or cross in the centre. Those that have Celtic weaves are closer in look to narrow cuff bracelets. Many people use these as part of their workwear. They are also sometimes worn in more formal settings.

With a characteristic width of two to four centimeters of cuff bracelets, there is ample space for weaves and knots and this makes them rather popular. The leather bracelets are usually fully closed to allow for fastening and the metal types are more commonly open at one side so as to easily slip it onto the wrist.

Due to a lack of written records of what specific knots, weaves and crosses symbolize, there are no set rules which depict the symbolism or a particular knot, weave or cross however, it is assumed that the popular belief that they represent ‘love and brotherhood’ is incorrect. The symbolism is said to have more of a general feeling of connections and stability. Different artisans may personalize their own bracelets and attach meaning of their own to them but this will merely be to add uniqueness. If you choose a particular pattern or style of weave, knots or crosses, the reason you chose it is probably because you connect with that specific design and that would be the meaning that the bracelet holds. Hence it becomes very personal and special.

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