Are You Listing An Office Rental Online?

If you are looking for an office rental space then you should look at the wide range of privately owned spaces that are being advertised at the Lettings Mall.

Smaller landlords who may own a few properties can also use the site to list their available properties without having to pay extra charges to letting agents, these savings may be passed on to new tenants and result in a good deal for everyone involved.

Estate agents are using the site to list their available properties quickly and efficiently and specialist letting agents are also using the website to promote properties nationwide.

The property portal allows you to list commercial, residential and house share properties whether you are an estate agent or just a landlord.

It also allows tenants to search and create profiles of their desirable property type which ensures that landlords or agents can contact them as soon as a property is available.

The property portal provides various forms of communication including on-line mail and text/SMS messaging and allows agents and landlords to upload photos, videos, floor plans and other documentation related to their property.

As a potential tenant you will benefit from all of these innovations and be able to search for and identify the best office rental space that is on the market in your chosen area.

It is often notoriously difficult to find office space that is perfectly suited to your needs, employees may have to share a workspace and accept that individual rooms are not going to be available.

You may need to install extra cabling and power points to cater for the number of workstations you plan to use and it may be necessary to install temporary dividing walls, some office desk also come with separator shelves ensure that noise levels are reduced and some level of privacy is possible between workers.

Most landlords will be happy to agree to internal alterations, although you may need permission for some works,in some instances alterations can only be carried out with the condition that on leaving the premises, the state of the premises will be restored to its original form.

Your legal advisor will be able to tell you the exact restrictions etc. it is considered good judgement to have a preliminary discussion about these issues before you appoint a paid legal representative.

Office rental space can be part of a larger building with your own separate rooms and/or halls or floors but it could also mean having the rental agreement for a whole building and its surroundings including lawns and car parks.

If this is the case then you will need to make sure you understand exactly what internal and external repairs and alterations you will be responsible for.

Office rental prices have fallen in some places recently and, if you know that this is the case in your chosen area, be prepared to try and negotiate, it may well pay off in the long run – you will have a cheaper rent and the landlord will be pleased to have a tenant.

Sylvia Flats writes commercial property and office rental articles for the Lettings Mall.

Looking for office rentals? or do you wish to lease out offices or office space? look no further! The Lettings Mall provides facilities for Landlords,Estate Agents and leasors to get together and advertise office rentalsto each other.

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