Are You Writing Articles The Right Way?

Article marketing is one of the best ways to get high ranking backlinks to your websites and increase the interest in the topic or niche of your sites. There are many good programs available to you for submitting your articles, but until you write readable, well formed articles, submission is not going to help you with your search engine rankings. Many webmasters who begin article marketing try it as a “bum marketing” method. While this sounds as well and good, it can lead to disappointment and failure like anything else that is done poorly.

Your first step is to put some effort into keyword research, as you will want to use these in your articles to build backlinks from the articles. Even a well written article can take a fair amount of time before you begin to see results and backlinks, but a poorly written article will never show any results. Be sure to use your main keywords in the first and last sentence, and add 3-5 of them throughout the rest of the article. Don’t overdo your keywords in the body of the article, some of the search engines and article directories may decide that this is spam.

Top internet marketers who rely on article marketing for traffic will try to submit 100 to 200 articles in their niche before they concentrate on trying to rank them in the search engines for keyword phrases. These articles shouldn’t be too long. Try to stick to 300-400 words and keep in mind the short attention span people have when browsing. Sometimes, the shorter the article, the better. Also, the sooner the reader comes to the end, the sooner they’ll see your resource box and (hopefully) click through to your site to learn more and hopefully buy something. Most of the article directories allow articles as small as 250 words.

Create An Eye-Catching Title
Far too people overlook this important point when using article marketing. A large portion of the visitors to your articles come from the article directory itself and the title is going to be their guide. If you are using Ezines, as an example, their 12.5 million visitors a month will drill down by categories to their topic of interest to read, then check out the titles. This is where your article title can help or hurt you. Be sure to create the title that entices people to click through and read your article instead of someone else’s. Treat it as a headline; make it compelling, raise the reader’s curiosity and promise benefits and secrets that can only be obtained by reading your article.

Leave Questions That Can Be Answered By Visiting Your Site
Sometimes it is a good idea to leave your content slightly unfinished. Encourage the reader to find out more information about your topic by clicking on the links in your resource box. If they learn everything there is to know about your topic in your article, they may not have any desire to click on you links and learn more.

Your Resource/Bio Box Is Prime Advertising
It’s important to remember that your resource box is an ad for your website. The article directories usually let you post anything here – make your content as promotional as you want. Don’t put in a boring summary about yourself as an expert on this subject. After taking the time to write an interesting article, you want the resource box to reflect that same enthusiasm. Make it compelling to the reader and put as much effort into it as you did into the article. Again, the goal here is to make that reader click your links and go to your site. If don’t make this compelling, you may lose the reader to all of the other competing links on the page that your article is posted.

Article marketing requires a little bit of work, but after you write a few articles the process becomes much easier. Your article does not have to be Wall Street Journal reporting. Keep it short and simple so that reader knows what you are saying and wants to hear more. Submitting a steady supply of well written articles will increase your search engine rankings and get you hundreds of quality backlinks in the process.

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