Attorney’s Are Required To Carry Malpractice Insurance.

Unfortunately, not every business professional acts to the best of his or her ability in every situation. This could be due to any number of reasons, right or wrong. This type of behavior is not unheard of in legal practices either, despite the reputation any given representative or firm may hold. When it comes to practicing law, an attorney must carry malpractice insurance to help protect him or herself, or the firm as a whole, from lawsuits born out of wrong-doing or negligence in the eyes of their client or clients.

Obtaining an award against an agent of represntation, in this case a lawyer, is not as simple as a plaintiff stating facts to a judge in a cout hearing. The defendent will have evidence to submit and is due equal consideration. Furthermore, speciic points will need to be clarified. An attorney-client relationship, negligence, and monetary or other damages will need to be proven by the plaintiff. The attorney being sued will most likely be represented by a lawyer which will be present at the court hearing or agreed upon mediation.


Malpractice and liability insurance is offered by a variety of carriers. Insurance rates and coverage areas are the main considerations when obtaining this type of insurance. As with driving a car, past records are considered by a provider prior to drafting final documents and fees.

Insurance companies, like all businesses, can be researched for reliability. This is something most all attorney’s consider prior to signing on with a company. This is a highly advised step to take, for anyone obtaining insurance for any reason.

Lawyer Malpractice Insurance is not an option, it is a legal requirement. Whether practicing full-time or part-time, from home, in a firm, or as a sole-proprietor of an office offering legal advice, malpractice insurance is required. It is the responsibility of the practicing attorney to make the first-step in acquiring malpractice insurance.

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