Public School Insurance

An old saying goes there is strength in numbers. In New Mexico, the teachers and school officials decide to apply this concept and get inexpensive public school insurance. The same is true for any big organization which considers the inflating cost of monthly insurance rates and the increasing cost of health care. The New Mexico […]

Nursing home professional liability insurance – Facts

Nursing home professional liability insurance has undergone many changes since the late 1990s. This was brought about by a number of litigation that began around mid-1990s that introduced the changes in the structure of residential care facilities.

All About Nursing Home Malpractice

Nursing home malpractice occurs more often than you might think.  This is an extremely widespread form of abuse.  Abuse often leads to starvation, extreme bedsores and pain that goes untreated.  These are all signs of poor care.  There are federal laws that aim to protect nursing home patients, however, many nursing homes still treat patients […]

Find Lumber Insurance Online

Owning a lumber or logging business is a big responsibility and making sure you have adequate insurance coverage is imperative.  As a responsible business owner you offer important services to your customers.  No matter how safe you try to be, accidents happen and being prepared is the best way to ensure you are protected.  Finding […]

Preparing Your Company for Risks

If you’re the risk manager for your business, you are responsible for a variety of duties including protecting your company from financial failures.  Your business is likely required to have worker’s compensation insurance.  Depending on the size of your business, you may be able to purchase self-insurance instead.  Your company will require you to assess […]

Insurance Needed For Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living is meant to help people care for themselves.  If you own an assisted living center, the proper staff is needed to care for others.  Even qualified caregivers can be involved in accidents.  Assisted living facility insurance will protect the business.  To obtain the most comprehensive plan, do research to invest in the proper […]

Public School Insurance

Every teacher needs liability insurance. If you teach in public schools for instance, you will need public school insurance to stay protected. Teacher insurance is helpful to keep you going in your profession. It is important to note that this service cannot be covered by the insurance that takes care of the school building and […]

Liability Insurance for Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are responsible for caring for others, so due to the increased risk of injury, they need a particular type of insurance coverage. Nursing home professional liability insurance covers certain aspects of the health profession such as malpractice claims where a patient is injured under the watch of a health care professional. Extra coverage […]

Malpractice In The Nursing Home Industry

Technology in the field of medicine has enabled people to live longer lives.  This gives nursing home facilities a boost in business.  Estimates claim that a quarter of people in America will receive care from this type of facility at some time or another.  It is expected that this industry provides deserved good care, giving […]

Information on lumber insurance

Lumber insurance is a financial requirement in the lumber and its products industries, although insurance coverage is frequently unparalleled because of the broad array of worries that must be dealt with. Property and liability coverage is a significant percentage of any business enterprise indemnity, but they are not the lone dangers a lumber business will […]

Insurance Options for Seniors

If you’re approaching retirement age, it’s important to make sure that you’ve invested in the correct forms of insurance.  There a variety of insurance policies that are targeted toward seniors.  You can choose to purchase different forms of insurance separately or in a package.  Some forms of insurance that you may want to consider purchasing […]

Types and Importance of Sawmill Insurance

Despite its many benefits, sawmill operation can be dangerous at times. As such it is advisable you obtain sawmill insurance to protect you as well as your business. The risk linked with sawmill operation is high and thus it may be hard to find a policy that provides adequate cover and is cost effective. –Sawmill […]

What to Consider When Searching for a Logging Insurance Provider

The logging industry has unique requirements when it comes to business insurance. The most comprehensive logging insurance policies will cover liability claims, equipment and workers compensation in case an employee is injured on the job. Business owners are encouraged to review the various options offered by several providers to compare coverage limits, terms and discounts.