On Choosing Lighter Fluid For Zippo Owners

Anyone who enjoys smoking pipes or cigars will want to purchase the most convenient lighter fluid for Zippo lighters. Almost everyone knows that lighter fluid is a flammable substance that when ignited fuels various devices with a gas that is safe and odorless. Before buying large quantities of this fluid you must understand advantages and […]

Why Purchasing Lighter Fluid For Zippo Lighters Is Worth The Extra Hassle

Consumers have two basic options when purchasing new lighters. They can get a Zippo lighter, which tends to be more costly, or they can select from a number of disposable, plastic lighters. These are generally cheaper but must be discarded once their fluid has been used up. Most consumers opt for disposable lighters due to […]

Cigar Holders For Golfing

Many smokers will agree that one of the best times to enjoy a cigar is while golfing. Teeing off and then lighting up is always enjoyable. When smoking on the golf course, golfers need somewhere to lay their cigars while hitting. Landscapers spend many hours working to ensure that the fairways and green remain healthy […]