Book Review: Finding the Kingdom of the Centaurs –

Fr?d?rick S. Parker’s Finding the Kingdom of the Centaurs centers around the fantastical journey and adventures of three average high school students who find themselves plunged into extraordinary circumstances. Oliver Hamilton finds himself trapped in a world filled with magic, centaurs, fauns, and mermaids, where humans are as mythical as centaurs are in our world, […]

Book Review: True Physics of Light, Beyond Relativity –

Shailesh R. Kadakia’s True Physics of Light, Beyond Relativity (second edition) delves into a fascinating, insightful discussion involving the fundamental gaps in Einstein’s theory of relativity, particularly the lack of information on the motion of light and the primary features that distinguish the wave nature of light from that of the particle theory. Introducing intriguing […]

Book Review: Joining Up –

Author and screenwriter, Jack McGuire, offers readers a page-turning work of historical fiction in Joining Up, telling the tale of two young boys, Bobby and Will, who escape from Saint John’s orphanage and Gingrich, the “sallow-faced headmaster who should have been a prison guard,” to join the ranks of Brooklyn’s Red Legged Devils of the […]

Book Review: In Search of the Beginning: A Seeker’s Journey to the Origin of the Universe, Life, and Man –

Are you the kind of person who likes to see “the big picture?” Do you enjoy grappling with ultimate philosophical questions? Are you open to spiritual perspectives on scientific matters? Are you willing to consider fresh ideas that cut against the grain of cultural and scientific orthodoxy? If so, In Search of the Beginning (ISB) […]

Book Review: The Secret of the Lost Robber Baron’s Gold: National Treasure MeetsPulp Fiction –

Dennis James Browne’s The Secret of the Lost Robber Baron’s Gold: National Treasure Meets Pulp Fiction is what the author calls a “filmbook,” the next step in the evolution of the novel, with equal parts high-octane dialogue and power-packed prose (See a detailed definition at As a result, the story moves along at warp […]

Book Review: No Army Dodgers Here, Rush Elsewhere: Real Core Principles, Common Sacrifice, and the World War Two Infantry –

Ray Etrych’s No Army Dodgers Here, Rush Elsewhere: Real Core Principles, Common Sacrifice, and the World War Two Infantry illuminates the corruption of both Republicans and Democrats, who have essentially undermined the core principles of America. Etrych is a US Army veteran who served during the Vietnam War, giving him the perspective of one who […]

A Drug Induced Vision of Wholeness by Todd Rutherford

Judith Kendall’s socially conscious novel Overtime addresses many current issues, positing them in a 1960s setting, a time when the classic structure of the American family began its decline. Divorce rates were on the rise, and divorce itself gained acceptance; the dissolution of marriage became commonplace, as did the blended family and the single-parent family.

New Clive Endive Ogive, IV Novel Mingles Comedy with Tradition by Todd Rutherford

According to the Chicago Tribune, many Americans are questioning the relevance of private clubs today. As membership dwindles at some clubs and real estate taxes on their properties soar, many private clubs are reevaluating both their membership requirements as well as their management practices. Although private clubs are sometimes perceived as merely posh playgrounds for […]

Symbolic Stones by Todd Rutherford

The symbolism and imagery are plentiful in L.A. Kuehlke’s new novel, Pursuit (Yorkshire Publishing). One of the main symbols is the use of stones and their meanings. In Pursuit, each angel and human share a certain gemstone. The meaning of the stone is a representation of the character’s role within the story, and it describes […]