Microflex Gloves: The Various Types And Applications

The disposable gloves industry has grown tremendously over the last couple of years. For a long time now, natural rubber has been the main component in the manufacture of gloves especially those used for medical purposes. Some of the most common gloves in the market today are nitrile and vinyl gloves. In most instances, these […]

Stay Protected From Fumes, Dust And Debris With The Right Applications

3M is a science-based company. With a variety of innovative products designed to protect professionals in all industries, 3M has become a respected name in technology. One of the many products offered by 3M is the respirator. 3M respirators come in a variety of different styles for a number of different purposes. If you work […]

The Advanced Technologies You Must Look For In Protective Eye Wear

Wiley X is a leading manufacturer of protective eye wear for a variety of different types of use. If you love visiting the beach during your off time or you ride a motorcycle to commute to and from work every day, you must keep your eyes protected. Your eyes are one of the most sensitive […]

White Gold-Turkey’s Most Famous Export Item

Meerschaum is often referred to as White Gold, White Goddess, or even Venus of the Sea. Meerschaum is a German word and actually means sea foam. It is a hydrous magnesium silicate, made of millions of tiny fossils of the sea. The best meerschaum comes from Turkey and Africa, where it is mined. The mining […]

What Are Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets?

Neodymium rare earth magnets are considered as industrial magnets. It is a type of magnet that is known for its intense magnetic capabilities. Categorized as a permanent magnet, neodymium rare earth magnets can remain magnetized to as long as 10 years. Despite the fact that it can stay magnetize for a long period of time, […]

Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet

If you desire to purchase neodymium rare earth magnet, then be aware that you are seeking the best quality rare earth magnet in the world today. This is because it has great power, excellent range and very affordable price. Since its existence, the neodymium rare earth magnet has been the most outstanding rare earth magnet. […]

Using Plate Magnets For Quality Control

Soup factory owners are concerned with quality control throughout their entire operation, and plate magnets play a significant role. Of chief importance is that the product is manufactured in a manner that it is safe for consumers. Mishaps can occur in factory conditions, and on occasion, foreign objects accidentally get into soup containers. Such mistakes […]

Ferrofluid Purchase For Making Science Projects

Like every parent, you also want your child to perform well in school. However, at times, it is easier said than done. Children often find science fair projects somewhat worrying because of their competitive nature. When your child is worrying, you as a parent also feel similar pressure. Thankfully, there are various projects, which you […]

Importance Of Custom Magnets Save The Date

When a bride is planning her wedding she wants to make sure that her potential guests do not schedule anything else on this important day. It is usually her dream for her guests to be talking about how beautiful everything was including her gorgeous dress, the delicious cake as well as the amount of fun […]

Where To Buy Rare Earth Magnets

Do you know what kind of material is used to manufacture things like a touch screen for a modern communication device such as a iPad or smart phone? Or, as an other example, what facilitates the high rate of screen refreshes necessary in an HD TV screen? Modern technology advances at a breath taking pace […]

Rare Earth Magnets: Properties And Examples

The term “rare earth magnets” is a bit of a misnomer. The 17 elements that comprise this group are actually quite abundant, though they are scattered over vast lands so gathering them tend to be costly. When combined, the resulting metals exhibit incredible magnetic properties. They can generate an attractive force thrice as strong as […]

The Powerful Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets

If you have decided to purchase magnets then making the best selection should be your first priority. The choice becomes relatively easier when you are searching for rare earth magnet, as the very best magnets in this range are the neodymium-rare-earth-magnets. They have many advantages over other types. To learn why this magnet is the […]

The Role Stainless Steel Balls Play In The Functioning Of Your Car

When you purchase an automobile, you consider it a single object. As the customer, a car is one large item that you purchased from a dealer. However, people who are employed in the automobile industry have a different view on this. They realize that a car is various parts working together to form a whole. […]

Making Use Of Disc Magnets For Ornamentation

Your refrigerator speaks volume about your style. It can be dull and drab or you can decorate its outer surface to make it appealing and blend with the ambience of the room. The front area of the fridge is magnetic and you can make use of disc-magnets to deocorate this surface. They can be stick […]