Capital Allowance Claims – Section 198

When a person engaged in a “qualifying activity” as defined under section 15 of the Capital Allowances Act sells a building, it can have very serious tax implications both for the buyer and seller. By looking at the issues carefully, it is possible to arrive at a sale agreement that is advantageous to both the […]

Hot Tub Chemicals and Spare Parts

How would you like being compelled to give up a warm hot tub soak on a cold day just because the water looks and smells unpleasant, and the chemicals needed to clear up the water are out of stock? And it is too inconvenient to go shopping to restock the chemicals. This scenario illustrates the […]

Reseller Hosting vs VPS Hosting

When providing hosting services to your own clients, you normally achieved this in one of 2 ways, either by signing up for a Reseller Hosting plan or by purchasing VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server). There are many things to consider for both these options, and what is good for one person may be a stumbling […]

Capital Allowances Claim on Fixtures

Fixtures are Plant and Machinery that have been permanently fixed to a building or land and enhances the value of the building or land. Plant and Machinery Allowances (PMA) can be claimed on the fixtures, and such claims can be of substantial amounts. What this means is that substantial tax savings can be gained by […]