Remote Power Management Explained

Remotely managed networks are one of the more recent developments in the way offices are managed. In opposition to other system, these are not hardware, but software based. Tasks that can be executed with this special office software are, for example, remotely controlled shutdowns, control the desktop of other computers and even remote power management. […]

Restoring Your Home To Comfort With A Generator Power Transfer Switch

If you live in an area prone to power outages, you know how debilitating these occurrences can be. However with a generator and a generator power transfer switch your power can be restored almost instantly. In addition to power restoration, planning ahead should also include having flashlights nearby and non-perishable food.

IP Remote Power Switch

A database consists of several wires and chords, all essential for keeping individual systems intact. One can imagine the complication which might arise when an individual function needs to be disconnected. The need to keep other systems intact creates serious complication for programmers. The power system might have numerous computers connected to one central hub, […]

Being Prepared For Disasters While Running An Office

Many have been noticing the large number of catastrophic disasters that are being reported on the news. Some people think that this signals doom and an impending apocalypse scenario, while others have taken them to heart, increasing their awareness and preparedness measures in the event of a disaster. A disaster can obviously happen at any […]

Generator Automatic Transfer Switch Protects Homes & Businesses

Electricity is taken for granted by most people until we temporarily lose service for some reason. Then the complexities of power become very important. It becomes evident very quickly that many homes and businesses should have a backup system to provide service in case an electrical storm or power surge disrupts power. This is most […]