Autoresponders for Businesses

If you walked into any business in your town and asked the owner the following question, I bet you would be surprised at their answer. Here is the question: “When a customer leaves your store (restaurant, office, etc), how do you let them know about any upcoming sales (specials, etc.)?”

Now, some owners will say they have NO system in place and some owners may have an online ad on their website or a sign in their front window. The vast majority of people will have nothing to say really. As an online marketing genius (that’s you), you can offer to assist a small business owner with the task of setting up an autoresponder on their website. You can set up an autoresponder service through Aweber for about $19 per month. However, many people will charge a small business $500 to add this to their website. Thankfully, it is very easy to do so!

Now, you also want to assist the owner in coming up with a good reason for people to sign up to their email list. For instance, they may want to hire you to write a short report that they can give away for free to get people to sign up for the list. You can even set up a series of email responses that will automatically go out to the person when they sign up for the list. For instance, if it is a home decorator, you could set up a 10 part series about how to decorate your home using only thrift store items or something else that would be interesting to that target market.

Having an autoresponder will greatly increase profits for many businesses, yet they often do not even know that they are missing out on so many opportunities. You can ride in on your white horse and save them!

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