Baby Buggies – Keeping Them Safe For Your Kids

Many toddlers in the UK alone are injured because of tipping over, falls and pinches from baby buggies. estimate that as many as 1,000 kids are brought to the hospitals each year suffering from injuries caused by accidents with baby buggies, so we really need to keep them safe.

This issue with baby buggies is very crucial and parents must be fore-warned about the potential damage they can cause to their children. Many problems and complications arise when buggies are used; if you don’t know about potential safety issues your kids may become more prone to their harmful effects when otherwise they may not be that dangerous.

However there are some preventive measures which if taken can save kids from dangers, they are:

Stable Buggy: a buggy with a wide base and back wheels which are at a distance from the seat where kids sit on; are considered best for safety reasons. The shape of the pushchair must also show a stable structure. Stability prevents kids from falling when the buggy moves forward.

Applying Brakes: brakes can reduce any accident causing injury. If brakes work with both the wheels, such buggies must be preferred over the single brake working wheel. In case the buggy has to be parked somewhere, the brakes must be on. Especially on a hilly or sloped area they must be working properly.

Fingers Placement: when opening and closing the buggies, the fingers of the infant must be set aside to avoid trapping them in the stroller. Along with kids, the adult opening and closing them must make sure to keep safe his/her fingers from any injury caused by fingers being trapped.

Load Matters: many mothers and fathers use buggies as a carrier when shopping. There is no harm in doing so but the stability of prams gets affected when more load is added. There are buggies which have a storage space allocated under the seat which prevents them from tipping over when loaded right. If buggies don’t have storage space then overloading may cause them to fall over. Therefore while purchasing make sure your baby carriage has some space under the seat so it could be used as a carrier for placing handbags, shopping things and nappies.

Tighten Buckle: similar to the car seat belts, which are used for the safety of the kids while traveling, buggies also have buckles to safe kids from falling out of them. Whenever kids are made to sit, even for a very short trip; make sure the buckles are tied across.

Maintaining Buggies: every kids related products especially prams and pushchairs undergo a certain amount of wear and tear, but if they are maintained properly they can be made to work for a longer period of time. In the maintaining section, joints adjustment, wheel pressure and the edges must be monitored every now and then. Thus to avoid any future injury and make sure it is functioning properly.

Kids Training Part: kids must be trained to sit properly without jumping and oscillating here and there. They must be told not to lean over to avoid any accident associated with their baby buggies.

If you follow these basic safety rules you can ensure that your little one is much safer in it’s baby buggy.

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