Basic SME IT Services: What your small business needs

Starting your own business is exciting! However, that is just the beginning. As the boss of the business, there’s a lot of work to be done after the business registration. Before you start reaping the rewards, you need to have your basics covered. Here are some basic needs that all small business must have. All these will make sure that your business have your basic foundations.

Professionally Designed Website

Today, if you’re not on the Internet – you might as well not be in business as most people today search about their vendors or businesses through the web. Small business websites must have well functioning, well designed and user friendly interfaces. Evaluate your site with the sites of your competitors. If your website does not look professional, you need redesigning. Poorly designed sites are not trustworthy. Small business websites do not have to be exceedingly designed, but they must convey a professional portrait. These pages must be correctly validated and function as planned.

Your website’s navigation must be easy and effective. Visitors must be able to get the data they require, without any extra effort. The navigation of your website should not be too creative.

A contact form link must be present on all pages of your site. Your visitors must be able to contact you with their comments and questions. Incorporate a simple form. Provide space for visitors to write their feedbacks or questions also design a method through which you can reply to them. A contact form that requests for too much information and details will discourage visitors from getting in touch with you.

Accounting System

A good accounting system should be installed even before you open your doors – after all, you’ll need to keep track of all your expenses and sales, so you know how healthy your business is and of course, come tax time it is easy for you to validate how much taxes you need to pay. You’ll also have to implement a payroll system, if you have full-time employees working for you.

IT Infrastructure Systems & Implementation

If you have more than 5 employees, you’ll probably need some sort of IT infrastructure to keep your communications and file sharing together. If you use a website to sell your items, then this is more definitely important, as there are many things to consider – like ordering and shopping cart software, payment systems, security, shipping, tracking – how are you supposed to do this all manually, especially once your business grows? You’ll need to use technology to keep your business running, efficient and productive.

Servers and Network Security System

Viruses and Internet threats can take your business down. Being crippled for even a few hours can mean losing out on a lot of business. Having a good security system such as a gateway firewall with content-filtering, intrusion detection and prevention for your network can prevent problems from even beginning. And if there are unscheduled downtime, with a good vendor that manages your IT network and systems and proper back-up systems helps you restore your business faster.

Have you thought of all of these things before you start your business? If you need any of these and more (and you probably do) give CommGate a call – we can assist and support you with your business growth, today!

CommGate provides professional SME IT Services, Linux support and IT systems for your business. Contact us to set-up and manage your SME IT Services today.

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