Be Confident and Accept that You Are Different from Everyone Else by Todd Rutherford

Why are some people more successful than others? Is it simply because they are more intelligent? Unlikely. Franco Arda of Smarter Comics Inc. and Fortune Favors The Bold suggests that each individual has unique capabilities and a little something different to contribute to society, and thus to his/her own success. Also, looking deeply within, an individual is able to find confidence that he/she didn’t even know was there.

Reaching the apex of every profession requires that individuals be confident. Behind every success story is a certain measure of confidence that comes from extensive knowledge. This knowledge includes having expertise in a particular field, experience, and the ability to relate to others. There is a boldness, too, that comes with being successful.

Franco Arda alludes to a Christopher Howard quotation, “True confidence comes from the certainty of doing whatever it takes.” Confidence is what makes the vision in your head become a reality. Regardless of how many times one fails, the combination of being bold and confident will put the individual in the best position to succeed.

Like boldness, confidence is a prerequisite for success. In the words of Napoleon Hill, “You can do it if you believe you can.” Fortune Favors the Bold is especially inspiring because of the motivating quotes sprinkled throughout every chapter of the book. Franco insinuates that confidence will allow the individual to shatter one’s insecurities and self-imposed limitations.

Ultimately, the fusion of confidence and one’s unique abilities-accepting that you are unique from the rest of the world-will propel you toward prosperity. Another fascinating quote from the comic supports this notion of being different, and not settling for being average: “If you behave like all the others, you will be like all the others.”

Following the characters’ journeys as they overcome their fears and failures, then to move forward to achieve their dreams, Franco Arda’s Fortune Favors the Bold is distinctly personal and feels as though Franco is talking directly to the individual reader.

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