Become an established author by having your eBook on Amazon Kindle

No doubt, writing eBooks is a great way of making money today. But, that is only if you can get traffic to your ebook. Now, this is almost as good as impossible, unless of course you plan on having your eBook on Amazon Kindle.

You cannot sell your ebook without traffic

You need to be realistic and understand that no matter how good your book may be, if you do not get any traffic – as in if you do not get people to see your book, it is worth nothing and you will not make any money from it.

You may think that you can very easily set up a website and have people buy your book from your site. But how are you going to get those visitors to your site? If you don’t have traffic, you’re not going to sell anything!

But now, there is a much easier way

Now you can publish your eBooks on Amazon. While this might seem like something that is far out of your reach, it definitely is not. If you can write good books and get them out there on Amazon, then you can rest assured that it can be a great income stream for you. In fact, this is perfect for teachers, entrepreneurs, business people, and many others!

You can become a publisher and publish all the books that you want on Amazon, thereby effectively putting your ebook in their marketplace for sale. When someone buys your work, you make a sale!

The pride and joy of having your eBook on Amazon Kindle

If you know that you are a good writer and that you have something important to say, then Amazon is really a great platform for you to showcase your talents. This is because not all of us are lucky to get book publishing deals. Even if you’re just trying to market online, you know the headaches that come with that.

When you get published on Amazon, you are making full use of their website and the Kindle system. In fact, you don’t really need to worry about anything as you get to take full advantage of their traffic as well.

Yes, no more bothering about traffic

There are thousands of people who use the Kindle on a regular day to day basis, so there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to make money by being a publisher.

So, get your eBook on Amazon Kindle and get that author status that you so very much deserve.

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