Better Cheap Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars are not just luxury and expensive cars; any car older than 15 ears may well fall into that category. And more and more drivers are today driving an older, or classic car, as technological improvements mean that vehicles last longer. If you own an older car, you may want to look into classic car insurance, rather than regular insurance, especially as the requirements concerning age, make and model have been relaxed somewhat. In addition, if you have had custom work performed on your car, Cheap Classic Car Insurance may provide better coverage.


This type of car insurance does have various restrictions, the biggest usually being mileage driven in a year. Often, there is a 3000 mile limit, although not all companies impose this. The low mileage requirement is because most classic car owners supposedly only drive their car to shows, or occasionally for pleasure. You may also have to provide proof of insurance for another car, the one that you drive the rest of the time. Other classic car insurance requirements may be a better than avergae drivng record and having a weatherproof place to keep your car.

If you simply own an old car that is not particularly valuable, regular insurance may still be your best option. If you take this route, spend some time researching on line to compare rates and policies; you should also try to get any discount you are eligible for. Insurance rates are generally less for older drivers and female drivers, but may be more depending on your overall lifestyle.

There are several options if you drive an older vehicle and you should compare both cheap classic car insurance and regular insurance to find the policy that is just right for you.

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