Better Safe Than Sorry

The road to becoming a counselor is an arduous one marked by years of study that could include undergraduate work as well as masters and doctoral work.  Although a counselor may be excited to be helping people once they finishing their education, they must also prepare themselves for the litigious nature of contemporary American culture.  Jilted patients may perceive their counselors as rich people who deserve to be sued though the opinion hold no merit.  In this eventuality, the counselor should have counselor insurance also called malpractice insurance.

Even the best counselors can be open to possible lawsuits, and the right Counselor Insurance can protect them financially.  Although many cases are dismissed, the insurance still can be very calming to the counselor in case they were ruled against.  Rather than risking one’s assets, it is better to be insured.


When compared to the payout of a standard malpractice case, counselor insurance is low cost.  Some large practices require their counselors to be insured, and if you own a practice, it would benefit you to require your employees to insure themselves as it will protect your practice in the long run. Even if no mistakes are committed, it is impossible to tell when a patient will just get angry or spiteful or perceive an act out of context and decide to contact an attorney to attempt to sue you.

By opening yourself to a lawsuit, you could possibly relegate all the hard work you did becoming a counselor to nothing so it is better to get counselor insurance.