BlackBerry 7130c Review

The newest addition of the Blackberry 7100 series seems to retain all of what makes this line great. The phone has great communication capabilities. It has a speaker phone with wireless capability. It also has the email, messaging and Internet service that is associated with the Blackberry 7100 series. This series of phone is usually marketed at the more serious minded. It was created with the business and corporate worker in mind. Those who desire a fun phone with games, music and videos will likely feel a bit let down by this latest addition to their line. However, if you want something reliable and practical then this is an option that you may wish to consider.

When comparing the Blackberry 7130c to the other phones in the line the first thing that users notice is the size. This model is considerable smaller and lighter than its predecessors. The manufactures seem to have abandoned the angular design of some of the previous phones and have gone back to a more square design. However, this phone is thinner than ever before, it is almost on the verge of being of the RAZR phone variety. It remains to be seen if this new thin size and shape, will sacrifice the comfort that was associated with the larger more angular phones. Other physical characteristics of the phone are a 2.5mm headphone jack, a bar style key pad, an internal antennae and a phone that weighs in at under 120g.

The phone boasts of having good battery power. The phone comes with a Lithium Ion battery. It has a stand by time of 8 days and offers 180 minuets or 3 hours of call time. When compared to other phones this one does nicely.

The display on the phone is excellent. RIM has had some complaints in this area in the past. Many loyal users would state that the picture quality on early models was poor especially when in the sun or other forms of light. The company has made vast improvements in this area and this phone has progressed them on even further. The information is all displayed in color LCD. It has 16-bits of color and a screen resolution of 240?260 pixels. The images are as crisp and clear as ever and can stand up to the sun and light with more capability than ever before.

Some of the general specs of the phone are a polyphonic ringtone and a phonebook with a shared memory. It also has GSM technology 850, 900, 1800 and 1900. The phone is equipped with an alarm and is compatible with all of the Bluetooth technology, adding wireless capability to its list of perks. Included are also a calendar and calculator. The phone also has custom ring tones and digital TTY/TDD technology. This enables those that are deaf or hard of hearing to use this phone and receive their messages digitally.

Among some of the other features are games, true the phone is aimed at the more serious minded but the company decided that a few games would be appreciated by its users. It has multiple numbers per name capability complete with icons to help you sort work from home from cell numbers. The phone also has a wide choice of ring tones available.

The keyboard of the phone is similar to previous phones in the 7100 series. There are two letters for every key. However, with its predictive text capability you don’t have to worry about making mistakes or the phone sending the wrong letter. It recognizes the most frequently used and common English letter combinations and will know what letter you want. The 7130c also has a built in dictionary of over 35, 00 words and has capabilities in multiple languages.

With the 7130c you will also get ringer ID, speaker phone, vibrate and to do list. There is good data and fax application and the nternet server does support Java. This will give the user the ability to download games and other devices from the internet, expanding the capabilities of the phone. The phone is equipped with multi media messaging and is able to connect to your home computer or PC for information transfer.

The Blackberry 7130c has a lot to offer. Again, as with previous phones in the 7100 series it has few of the so called fun features that are included on other mobile phones. Apart from a few games, this phone only contains the practical and useful features used by the more serious minded. This phone however, is good value for money. It is loaded with good capabilities and is highly dependable. Those who travel extensively for their jobs will appreciate the wireless capabilities it has as well as the messaging, email and Internet capabilities. The 7130c may not be the funnest of phones but it surely has much to offer.

Eugenia is a writer of this article. She is also a tecnical writer at the Tech-Faq web site and she writes technical topics such as IVR software and call center software.

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