BlackBerry 8830 Review

Finding the right smart phone is no easy task. After all, each and every smart phone, from BlackBerry to Palm to Samsung has a totally different set of features that can either make or break the phone. However, BlackBerry looks to have hit the nail on the head with their amazing new BlackBerry 8830.

One of the most ingenious things about the BlackBerry 8830 is that although the phone is designed for CDMA networks like Verizon and Sprint, it can also be used globally via a built in dual band GSM capability so that it can access network in Europe, Asia and other places where GSM is used instead of CDMA. This makes it one of the only CDMA phones available that can be used around the world without any problem whatsoever. The capability for world travel from a CDMA phone is truly an amazing feature from a company that has been innovating smart phone technology for quite some time.

The form factor of the BlackBerry 8830 is relatively small, although the phone is heavier than most, clocking in at around 130 grams. However, despite this increased weight, the batter life is particularly bad, only giving just over three and a half hours of talk time and just over 200 hours of standby time. This is unfortunate, as it is one of the most glaring shortcomings of this otherwise fantastic phone.

A lot of real estate on the phone is taken up by the massive screen which measure in at 320 by 240 pixels. This screen is perfect for accessing content via the built in media player with expandable memory slot although it is also designed to get the most out of content that is accessible over the 3G EVDO data transfer network – a great capability of the BlackBerry 8830, making it the perfect phone for the corporate employee who likes to have plenty of movies and music to enjoy on the road.

For all of the great features that the BlackBerry 8830 comes with, such as GPS, Bluetooth capability, email access, and a speakerphone, it seems that Blackberry has forgotten to include a few notable features as well. The most obvious is the lack of a built in camera. However, for the corporate employee that this phone is aimed for, that may not be too big of a deal. Also though, there is no Wi-Fi Internet access, leaving you restricted to access the Internet via your service provider’s costly program.


-Spectacular design for a smart phone
-3G capability built in
-Media player with expandable memory
-CDMA and GSM for world travel
-Massive LCD screen


-No Wi-Fi capability
-No camera
-QWERTY keypad may be too small for people with larger hands
-Terrible battery life


The BlackBerry 8830 is a fantastic smart phone that should really be at the top of anyone’s list that uses Verizon or Sprint as their service provider. While the battery life is tragically bad and there are a few features missing, none of them are really too problematic. All in all, the BlackBerry 8830 and the BlackBerry Pearl should be considered as two of the best smart phones in the business.

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