BlackBerry Curve-8330

The BlackBerry Curve-8330 continues to build on the momentum created by the 2007 Curve 8300. Many of the best features have been retained, such as the easy to use QWERTY keyboard, a great camera, and the trackball navigation design. At the same time, the 8330 offers a few enhancements that make it a great phone in its own right.

One of the most notable changes is an increase in the amount of memory. This means more storage space for those music and data files, not to mention easier retrieval. At the same time, the enhanced EVDO data means faster transmissions of data. Rounding off the basics in the enhancements is a fully integrated GPS that is easily accessed and even easier to make use of in just about any situation.

Somehow, the design for the 8330 is actually a little thinner than the 8300, although there is no apparent difference in the size of the viewing area. The lithium ion battery still sports a healthy talk time and stand-by time. Color display is a full range, which helps to give clarity to the screen. The keyboard is located just below the trackball, which tends to be very workable when holding the device in one hand and manipulating the keys and trackball with the other. All in all, the layout is user friendly.

While many of the features are intended for the busy professional on the go, the 8330 can easily find a place with consumers in general. With additional service providers looking at including the 8330 in their lineup, there is a good chance you can get this phone without the need to switch carriers.


-Attractive appearance and thin design
-Fully integrated GPS
-Easy to use QWERTY keyboard
-Excellent Color Resolution


-Keys wobble slightly on the keyboard
-Battery is a little difficult to remove from the unit


The 8330 is definitely a move in the right direction. Simple to use and having most of the features consumers have come to rely upon, this unit is a good fit for both business and personal use.

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