BlackBerry RIM 6210 – 6230

Released on the market in 2003, the BlackBerry RIM 6210/6230 is a sleek yet powerful smartphone packed with a lot of functions for its time. The world-enabled GSM device measures in at 4.4 x 2.9 x 0.8 inches and weighs 4.8 oz. It features a built-in antenna and its sleek design allows it fit in both your pocket and the palm of your hand comfortably. Its candy bar design makes the phone as attractive as it is useful. Fitting nicely in your hand, making use of the full QWERTY backlit keyboard is simple and fast as you type messages onto the large black and white screen.

The device utilizes the general packet radio service (GPRS) data network to ensure connectivity wherever you roam all over the globe for business or pleasure. The 6230 also adds 1800 Mhz European roaming band when overseas. The smartphone also comes equipped with a personal identification manager as well as full wireless Internet service.

The unit utilizes top messaging capabilities as it allows for the sending and receiving of text messages as well as email. The device is capable of displaying Microsoft Excel spreadsheets as well as Microsoft Word and WordPerfect files. You can also send PowerPoint presentations and PDF attachments and view them on the device. The BlackBerry supports full USB and computer synchronization connectivity as well to transfer files to your home or office PC.

The BlackBerry also comes equipped with a full organizer to stay on top of your busy schedule. It features a built-in alarm clock, calendar, calculator and to-do list with full vibration alert notification to keep your work on track. Making use of J2ME technology, the phone features the ability to download games and keep yourself occupied when you need. The standard Li-ion battery allows for up to five hours of talk time and 384 hours while on standby, while it provides 16MB of flash memory as well as 2MB static random access memory.


-Impressive battery standby time
-16 MB internal flash memory


-The phone lacks quite a few modern features:
-No speakerphone
-No Bluetooth
-Lack of music player
-Lack of support of memory cards
-No camera


Although the phone is getting outdated now, the RIM 6210/6230 works well as a basic BlackBerry perfect for staying organized, doing business and keeping in touch on the fly.

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