BlackBerry RIM 7270

The BlackBerry RIM 7270 is a BlackBerry Wireless Handheld that first made an appearance in early 2005, although it was unveiled in the fall of 2004. BlackBerry was created by the Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) and newer versions of this wireless handheld instrument keep getting better all of the time.

The BlackBerry RIM 7270 is the very first BlackBerry of its kind that incorporates both WLAN support and VoIP (sometimes abbreviated to VoWLAN) and works with RIM’s new BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0.

The VoIP technology extends the functionality and versatility of a desktop phone to the manageability of a phone that can be used on the go. The SIP-based call control makes it possible to have standards-based interoperability. Combined with this is the conventional corporate telephone set up.

The BlackBerry 7270 offers efficiency and flexibility like no BlackBerry before it. Communication is superior for users of this BlackBerry. Many offices are now using the RIM 7270 and are encouraging their employees to use them not just for work but also for their personal lives.

The BlackBerry RIM 7270 brings together voice and data in one smooth, fluid motion. Another important aspect of the Rim 7270’s functionality lies in its Wireless Enterprise Applications. The RIM 7270 is very capable of interacting with enterprise data applications by way of the Mobile Data Service (MDS) feature that is an important aspect of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0.

What this means for users is that there is an abundance of features that developers can make use of for their workers. The scenarios are also varied. Browsing and application techniques are top notch and the “push” and “pull” based wireless applications are many. The opportunities for the BlackBerry RIM 7270 are tremendous when it comes to IT management, customer service, facilities management and administration.

The BlackBerry RIM 7270 is a dream item for any office to have. Workers can remain connected even when they step away from their desks due to the flexibility of wireless VoIP. Also, all of the applications needed are available such as access to e-mail services, the Internet, the Intranet and any kind of organizer application that is required.

The 7270 Version of the BlackBerry RIM contains a lithium ion battery and features a talk time of 3.5 hours and a standby time of four days. The display technology is color LCD and the phone book uses shared memory for storage.


The BlackBerry RIM 7270 has a multitude of important features such as Bluetooth, a calculator, GPS navigation, a qwerty keyboard, a vibrate alert, text message templates, ringer profiles and a speaker phone.

Other features include:

-E-mail clients by way of Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange
-USB port
-Java applications
-High speed data
-Internal antenna


None to report as of the present time, however for some individuals, the BlackBerry RIM 7270 is still out of their price range and cannot be described as being “budget friendly.”


If you are shopping for a new BlackBerry, then you do not need to look any further than the BlackBerry RIM 7270 as this piece of modern technology is user friendly, full of fun and essential features and is geared towards business minded individuals.

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