BlackBerry RIM 7750

The BlackBerry RIM 7750 has a large screen coupled with a QWERTY keyboard, yet is still able to maintain a sleek, slim design. It also provides the standard options expected on a BlackBerry, such as e-mail and PIM syncing. Some drawbacks are that it does not come loaded with instant-messaging software. The WAP browser has also been said to be a bit slow.

The big draw for the BlackBerry RIM 7750 is its utter simplicity. It is easy for a new user to pick up and being emailing in no time.

While it still maintains a relatively slim figure, it does weigh in at a hefty 5 ounces, which makes it a bit larger than former BlackBerrys. Its size, however, it not necessarily a drawback. The BlackBerry RIM 7750’s size allows it to sport a 3-inch diagonal display. The display supports 65,536 colors. The size makes it much easier to read emails and to surf the net.

The BlackBerry RIM 7750’s phone book can hold a whopping 1000 plus entries! It also supports text messaging, contains a calendar, has USB support, three way calling, and 20 polyphonic ring tones. It does not have a SD card expansion slot, but it does have 14mb of internal flash memory and 2mb of SRAM. Another drawback is that it does lack Bluetooth and speakerphone. The battery life is somewhat short, providing about 3.3 talk hours. It has eight days of standby time. Because it misses out on many important features, the BlackBerry RIM 7750 lacks the feel of a modern phone.

The big selling point for the BlackBerry RIM 7750 is its quick and easy learning curve coupled with its emailing capabilities. The screen is large and is able to read in most light. This lends itself to being able to email from where ever one might find himself or herself. Its simple design allows for quick learning of the ins and outs of its protocols. While it does lack some in memory, it is not made to be a multimedia device. If it is used as intended by the creators, the memory should pose no problem whatsoever.


-Excellent display resolution at 240 x 240 pixels
-GPS support
-14 MB of internal flash memory


-The phone lacks some modern features and may not appeal to tech-junkies.
-Lacks a camera, expansion slot and Bluetooth
-Short battery life
-Heavy weight of 5 ounces


The BlackBerry RIM 7750 used to be a great choice for the first time BlackBerry user as well as the seasoned veteran who is tired of complicated programs. If you do not crave for modern offerings, the phone can still be recommended. Otherwise, it can be used as a backup device.

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