BlackBerry RIM 7780, 7730

The BlackBerry RIM 7780/7730 offers a decent talk-time of five hours and a standby time of nine days. It weighs in at about five ounces, which is in step with most BlackBerry phones.

A QWERTY keyboard with backlighting provided makes for convenient typing for the Internet, email, or text messaging. The display has a great resolution with 240 x 240 pixels and a pallette of over 65,500 colors. The BlackBerry RIM 7780/7730 has ample memory with 16 MB flash and 2 Megabytes of SRAM. Internet connection is a cinch with the support of BlackBerry Browser, WAP, WTLS and TLS support. The BlackBerry RIM 7780/7730 also has the capability of using a USB port.

Some additional features of the phone are: an alarm, calculator, calendar, MemoPad, Measurement Converter, and TO-DO. The phonebook allows for caller groups to be designated. Also, more than one number can be placed in a contact’s information. When the user is in an important meeting or can’t be disturbed the vibration mode can be used. Data applications are a big portion of the offerings for the BlackBerry RIM 7780/7730. Data and Fax Capability makes doing business over the BlackBerry 7780/7730 convenient. One has the ability to email clients while away from the office. Also, Java applications are enabled for a number of functions that would need to be performed from the BlackBerry RIM 7780/7730.


-BlackBerry RIM 7780/7730 panders to the technological guru.
-A high resolution display with sufficient pixels and colors for easy viewing.
-Backlit QWERTY keyboard for convenient typing.
-Ability to access email, Internet, and text messaging all from one device.
-Ample talk time with 5 hours for talking and 9 days of standby.
-More than sufficient memory with 16 MB of flash and 2 Megabytes of SRAM.
-Great connectivity for all Internet programs.
-Additional features such as Calendar, MemoPad, and To-Do to name a few.
-Java capability


-The BlackBerry has just a few flaws that may need to be considered by users.
-All BlackBerrys can be a little awkward to carry around and use for extended periods of time.
-Not as many choices in color as some other BlackBerry products.
-Technical support can be somewhat overwhelming to unknowledgeable users.


In the full scope of the BlackBerry RIM 7780/7730 it is a terrific piece of technology as well as a great phone. It has several capabilities and special features to help professionals perform their functions from far away locations. The technology and memory are state of the art and cater to the needs of all users. The business professional who spends a lot of time outside of the office will think it is the best thing since sliced bread!

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