BlackBerry RIM Curve 8310

The BlackBerry RIM Curve 8310 by Research in Motion is the smallest and lightest BlackBerry featuring a full keyboard. Its sleek exterior may fool some into thinking it’s only about appearance, but internally, the Curve 8310 is a powerhouse.

The Curve 8310 can perform all the standard functions users have come to expect from the BlackBerry Smartphone line. The Curve 8310 provides all the capabilities of a personal computer including e-mail transmissions, Internet browsing and text messaging. The easy-to-use trackball navigator makes surfing a breeze with a point and click technology. The Curve 8310 is also GPS equipped. Downloadable BlackBerry maps make it easy to get directions and find new locations while traveling.

Features of the Curve 8310 include a metallic finish and a 2.0 MP camera with zoom and built-in flash. The camera comes with a self-portrait function, providing users a mirror image. Sending and receiving text messages is a snap with the Curve 8310, which supports the following messaging platforms: BlackBerry, Yahoo, ICQ, IBM Lotus Sametime, Microsoft Office Communicator and Live Communications Server 2005, Google Talk, Windows Live, AOL and Novell GroupWise.

The media player provides excellent audio and video quality in an easy-to-use format. The Curve 8310 is compatible with Bluetooth accessories and standard headsets and includes a built-in speaker for hands-free dialing. Users can simultaneously listen to music while sending messages. With Roxio Media Manager, ripping CDs and organizing media files is simple.

The Curve 8310 also comes with Personal Information Management applications. While away from the office, users can review their work calendar, compose and edit memos, view contacts from their address book and perform calculations.


-GPS equipped
-Bluetooth enabled
-Full range of PC functions


-No video recorder
-No Wi-Fi or 3G support


The Curve 8310 delivers nearly every modern technology currently available. The newest Smartphone gives users a basic cell phone, multi-media player, digital camera, GPS system and PC in the palm of their hand. That’s a lot of technology for the list price of $450.

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