BlackBerry RIM Curve-8330

The BlackBerry RIM Curve-8330 is the CDMA version of the popular BlackBerry Curve smartphone series. It features a somewhat attractive design (for a smartphone) and enough features to make anyone working in the corporate world think of this phone as a necessity. Unfortunately, there are a few underlying problems with this phone that really limit it from getting in the hands of the average consumer – but those working for large enterprises and, to some extent, those looking for a device with a lot of features, will be completely blown away by the BlackBerry RIM Curve-8330.

The BlackBerry RIM Curve-8330 is a dual band CDMA phone, so it can only be used in the United States and a few other places in the world. In other words, do not expect to be able to take the BlackBerry RIM Curve-8330 on a trip overseas and have it keep working. On the positive side, since the BlackBerry RIM Curve-8330 is a CDMA phone, it takes advantage of 3G data transfer speeds over the EVDO rev.0 specification.

Measuring in at approximately four inches by two and a half inches by half an inch and weighing 113 grams, the BlackBerry RIM Curve-8330 is a large and hefty phone. This is the perfect device to throw into the briefcase instead of the pants pocket.

The battery life with the BlackBerry RIM Curve-8330 is rather short, but not too bad. Expect to get approximately four and a half hours of talk time or 264 hours of standby time on a single charge. This won’t be winning any battery life awards, but it is long enough for a phone with so many features.

The front of the BlackBerry RIM Curve-8330 is graced with a large 320 by 240 pixel screen, though it only displays 65k colors. However, it does have a light sensor to adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen automatically depending on lighting conditions.

The BlackBerry RIM Curve-8330’s camera leaves something to be desired. It only packs in 2.0 megapixels, though it does have video support, 5x digital zoom, and a flash.

Multimedia features are plentiful for a corporate phone. There are plenty of video and audio formats supported, and there’s also microSD card access for even more storage space for your media files.

Other features include a full QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth support, a huge phonebook capacity, an alarm, a calendar, a notepad, a to-do list, a calculator, a variety of voice commands, and email support.


-Long list of features
-3G support


-Not particularly attractive
-Decent battery life


This may be the perfect phone for BlackBerry fans and those working in corporate environments, but not for anyone else. The BlackBerry RIM Curve-8330 is not entirely attractive, and although it has a lot of features, those which average consumers care about (such as built-in media capacity and high camera resolution) are lacking. Worth a look, but definitely compare this to other devices before you buy.

This article has been writen by Eugenia Lacombe. She is an expert for technology gadgets, especially mobile phones and she also writes articles related to them, such as free VoIP service and history of cell phones.

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