BlackBerry RIM Pearl-8110

The BlackBerry RIM Pearl-8110 is the GPS enabled version of the popular BlackBerry Pearl smartphone. With a design that is perfect for business and multimedia support, the BlackBerry RIM Pearl-8110 is the perfect phone for a variety of individuals. With a stylish exterior and enough features to make even the most advanced tech junkie envious, the BlackBerry RIM Pearl-8110 is a great choice for a variety of people. However, there are a few drawbacks that set this otherwise impressive device back.

Announced in January 2008, the BlackBerry RIM Pearl-8110 is essentially the same device as the standard BlackBerry Pearl, except that it also packs GPS support into the phone. Being a quad-band GSM phone, the BlackBerry RIM Pearl-8110 can be used anywhere in the world with a simple swap of the SIM card. However, since it is tethered to the GSM network, the BlackBerry RIM Pearl-8110 lacks the high speed data transfers usually associated with CDMA phones. In other words, it lacks 3G support, relying instead on the aging GPRS/EDGE network for data transfers.

Measuring in at approximately four inches by two inches by half an inch and weighing only 91 grams, the BlackBerry RIM Pearl-8110 is a large device – but not very heavy. Perfect for the purse or the sport coat pocket – but not necessarily for a pair of tight fitting jeans.

The battery life on the BlackBerry RIM Pearl-8110 is quite a bit longer than its CDMA counterpart, the BlackBerry RIM Pearl-8130. Expect to get approximately four hours of talk time or 360 hours of standby time from a single charge. While the standby time is long, the four hour talk time may be limiting to some.

The BlackBerry RIM Pearl-8110 includes a main screen that measures 240 by 260 pixels, but it lacks advanced color support, as it displays only up to 65k colors.

The camera on the BlackBerry RIM Pearl-8110 leaves something to be desired, allowing for only 2.0 megapixels. However, it does provide video support, includes a flash, and has a 5x digital zoom.

As far as multimedia features go, the BlackBerry RIM Pearl-8110 has quite a few plus points. Video and audio playback in a huge variety of formats is supported, as is expandable memory thanks to microSD support.

Other features include WAP Internet access, SureType keyboard, Bluetooth support, a huge phone book, an alarm, a calendar, a notepad, a calculator, a to-do list, full voice commands, email support, and of course, GPS support.


-Loads of features
-GPS support
-Attractive design


-Short on talk time
-Somewhat expensive
-No 3G support


The BlackBerry RIM Pearl-8110 is a great phone with a lot of features. However, the below-average talk time and lack of 3G support could prevent some from buying the BlackBerry RIM Pearl-8110 in favor of similar devices. If you’re a tried and true BlackBerry fan who doesn’t mind these drawbacks, the BlackBerry RIM Pearl-8110 is a great device. Everyone else, check out some of the other smartphones available before you make your purchase.

Blackberry is a type of smartphone. It function primary as a mobile phone and PDA device, but it can serve as portable media player.

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