• real estate professional liability insurance
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    Safeguards for Real Estate Professionals

    Working in real estate can be a rewarding career. Some of the perks include access to a variety of properties, the satisfaction of meeting your client’s needs and compensation for your efforts. However, working with real estate can be intimidating with the risks involved due to the nature of the job. Luckily, with real estate professional liability insurance, many of those concerns can be eased. Work Practices Real estate professionals can keep themselves protected by practicing good work habits. Some of the work practices below can act as a buffer to larger issues. Maintaining accurate written records of all transactions and have all agreements confirmed in a signed contract. Network…

  • Bankers blanket bond insurance
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    Why Bankers Need Blanket Bond Insurance

    A financial institution is open to financial loss from outside sources but also from employees. Protect the institution with bankers blanket bond insurance. The insurance can be applied to job positions or individual employees. Some states require financial institutions to carry this type of insurance, speak to your agent to see if this is a requirement for you. Covered Risks and Liabilities Bankers blanket bond insurance covers the financial institution itself from acts of theft, dishonesty and fraud. These can be caused by third party or employees. Prepare to assess your coverage needs by looking at the average cash amount kept, turnover rates of employees, average amount and types of…

  • homeowners insurance bad credit
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    Credit Issues and Homeowners Insurance

    If you own a house, you probably know you should have homeowners insurance. Bad credit can have an impact on this, as it can on any financial transaction. However, there are options available to most homeowners, and knowing the ways that credit score can impact your rates and coverage is wise. What Impacts Insurance Rates? There are a number of variables that affect homeowners coverage and rates, including: home construction property location access to hydrants or fire response age of home and assessed value In addition to these universal factors, insurers may consider credit scores to judge the level of risk in offering a policy, and the likelihood that the…

  • Glen Rock commercial liability
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    Two Basic Insurance Coverages For Your New Business

    Are you a new business owner searching for insurance? While the process of finding insurance coverage may be tedious and sometimes confusing, taking your time to find the right coverage for your business is well worth it as settling for inadequate coverage may prove to be costly in the future. To help you in your decision-making process, here is a breakdown of the two most basic coverages that you will likely need to include in your policy. Liability Insurance There are several forms of liability insurance, but their general purpose is to provide coverage for your business in case a third party experiences an injury or property damage as a…

  • Bankers environmental risk insurance
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    Top Reasons to Protect Your Bank with Environmental Risk Insurance

    Environmental pollution and contamination put a bank at risk when the property is purchased with a loan. Environmental factors can decrease property values causing the bank to potentially lose money. Bankers environmental risk insurance is both necessary and worth having for a few key reasons. Top Benefits Both the OCC and the FDIC require banks to adhere to and uphold an environmental risk insurance policy. Bankers environmental risk insurance can protect banks from claims and financial losses due to: Pollution damage on insured property Commercial real estate loan default Pollution related cleanup costs Pollution related bodily injury or harm Assess Risks No two businesses are alike, and neither are banks.…

  • Albuquerque insurance agencies
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    Breaking Down Business Insurance

    Are you currently sifting through Albuquerque insurance agencies trying to figure out which you should choose as your business insurance carrier? As you make sense of all the variations in coverages, here is a simplified breakdown of the two most popular coverages that you’re likely going to need in your policy. Liability Insurance There are various forms of liability insurance, but simply put, it protects your business in case a third party experiences some sort of harm as a result of your business and decides to file a lawsuit. Your policy will cover your attorneys’ fees as well as any legal and medical expenses for which you are found liable.…

  • commercial package policy
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    Insurance Options for the Business Owner

    Small business owners often recognize the need for an insurance policy, yet they question which one is the most affordable but comprehensive for their needs. It can seem like a tremendous expense when signing up for liability insurance, but there is a way to maximize the services received with the amount invested. A commercial package policy, or CPP, can provide the most efficient coverage for your needs. What Does Your Coverage Offer? If you operate a small business, you may not need expensive coverage services usually associated with the risks and liabilities of large corporations. However, if your business is growing and you want to keep up with the exposures…

  • Allied Health Professional Insurance
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    Benefits of Liability Insurance for Allied Health Professionals

    Allied Healthcare facilities cover all aspects of the healthcare industry and required their professionals to have up-to-date certifications, education and degrees in their particular field of practice. Allied Health Professional Insurance covers the liabilities healthcare professionals face every day. Professional Liability Protection Professionals across varying industries benefit from general and professional liability insurance. Healthcare professionals in the Allied Healthcare industry face increasing scrutiny and therefore increasing liability. Allied Health Professional Insurance protects the financial assets of you and your healthcare facility when a claim is filed. Even if the claim is based on nothing, the financial and time costs of legal defense can be expensive. Liability insurance helps with those…

  • employment practices liability
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    Covering Your Staffing Firm Employees

    If you own an agency which hires out temporary employees to clients, you may already understand the complications that arise from overseeing an employee who has two separate employers. While the contracting employer who works as your client is in control of the specific job your staff is seeing to, your business acts as the ultimate guide and source of benefits. Due to this, while your clients may be supervising your employees, you are the one in control of coverage for insurance. Anyone looking to hire temporary staff is going to want to see that the company they’re hiring from has policies such as employment practices liability for the staffing…

  • Paramus insurance agency
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    Investing in Insurance for Long-term Safety

    Paramus, New Jersey is a great location to start a business or to settle down. With a close-knit community of around 24,000 and a proximity to New York City, Paramus has it all. However, any location is susceptible to natural events and accidents. Without the proper insurance, you can be left with immense bills. That is why obtaining coverage from a Paramus insurance agency is an essential part of life. Whether you own a coffee shop or are buying your second home, insurance is there to help you when you need it most. Protecting Your Business All Day and All Night Certain agencies specialize in commercial insurance. According to New…