Boulder Catering | The “Green” Scene!

Boulder is a unique city in the fact that most of its population cares a great deal about preserving the environment and being eco-friendly. This is an important fact for Boulder catering companies to know and understand. In the catering industry there is an opportunity for to reduce waste and lesson your environmental impact by utilizing “green” kitchen methods, supplies and event models. A few methods which have the most direct impact are recycling as much as you can, composting all biodegradable material, offering compostable and recyclable products, and providing beverages from large cambros instead of in bottles.

Regardless of the size, all catering companies consume energy and water. There is a trend developing in the Boulder Catering industry to use alternative sources of energy such as wind and solar. Additionally, energy should be conserved whenever possible by not continually leaving appliances such as food processors and mixers plugged in or by not running a hot stove all day long. Furthermore it is important to have a proper “3 sink” eco-friendly dish area set up as well. This will reduce the amount of water that is being wasted by rinsing each dish before it washed and by not running the water continually. Gas usage can also be reduced by bundling deliveries.

Large Boulder based corporations cater frequently and thus can be very wasteful if not properly managed by the catering company. A “green” catering company looks for any opportunity in which they can reduce the amount of garbage that is being thrown out during these events. Many companies like to use disposable products to reduce clean up and labor which is fine, as long as those products are compostable. However, the use of real plates, silverware, napkins, and glassware is always more sustainable when possible. Also sometimes at these events there is leftover food. Providing your clients with the option to donate the leftover food to a food bank or homeless shelter is a great way to give back to the community. Be sure to check with local organizations to obtain approval and a list of donate-able items. Otherwise consider asking your client to provide their own in-house tupperware for left over food.

The great thing about being an eco-friendly Boulder catering company is not only are you doing your part to decrease your business’s carbon footprint but you are also going to save yourself money in the process. Many of these simple methods can be implemented with little to no cost. They merely require time and dedication. For more information on how to bring your catering company into the “green”, contact such local companies as Eco-Cycle.

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