Butane Lighter Is A Useful Invention

Many people around the world most likely had used a butane lighter in their life time. It is useful for lighting up a number of things. One of the best thing ever made in history of man kind. It extremely user friendly.


The inventor of this wonderful device was Johann Wolfgang Determiner in 1816. He used a glass lamp that works on Hydrogen. Platinum is what created the fire. Only the rich ones could afford platinum. The Derringer’s lamp its what started it all. They stop producing lighters in 1880 because it was hazardous.

The flint lighters became the best new thing in the market in 1908. They were not too big to carry. In fact they could fit in your pocket or bag unlike the Determiner’s table lamp. Flint and oil took the place of platinum and hydrogen. When World War I ended, flint lighters became accessible to the public. Naphtha is the fuel that is being for the flint lighters.

Nobody really knows who thought of using this type of fuel as lighter fluid. It definitely made it very useful. The disadvantage of this device is that the flints were flimsy and needed to be replaced all the time. Many of the lighter companies to invent a more effective ignition system.

The lighters that were disposable were made in 1972 and by then the butane sales took off. Many still prefer to use the original lighter instead of the disposable ones. There are those who still uses the one their ancestor pass down to them. Be grateful that you were born in this century,