Calculating and motivating Gen Y Recruiters

It was previously really easy in order to measure a recruiter’s operation. All you needed to do was total up the number of calls made, the quantity of client visits i went to, the number of new jobs stimulated and most importantly the quantity of placements that they made.

Currently a variety of industry verticals are reaping the use of being able to measure and evaluate performance in a great many new and exciting ways in the move online even so for recruitment agencies calculating sales activity is proving to become bit more hard task.

Noise v silence?

Those new recruiters entering the market are now more likely to be communicating through mobile, social networks as well as email which are now being seen to be in the same way successful as picking up the phone in addition to making call immediately after call to employing managers.

Once again it comes back to the debate from the traditional vs. new age methods however. If your traditional recruiter who has already made 50 canvas calls is sitting next to a new school recruiter who hasn’t produced any calls, who will be the most productive?

The new school recruiter in the same time could have connected with 20 new employing managers, checked their variety on Twitter for any new potential vacancy chatter and of three new target companies looking for help with its recruitment or progress challenges. All which is hidden and silent on the recruitment manager accountable for evaluating performance.

Drop in performance

Needless to say this issue isn’t much of a matter when both forms of recruiters are creating placements and smacking target. However if they begin to struggle and their figures receive a dip what KPI’s do you require to measure performance if you can’t hear as well as help them using sales calls?

Just trying to help

The recruitment manager or owner has no idea about how precisely the recruiter is actually communicating and using their myspace or facebook channels. Before when you could listen to them within the phone it was easier to phase in and offer advice nevertheless it isn’t quite so easy with the new recruiters entering the market industry. They are likely to be much more relaxed with communicating on the net and using social networks to publish vacancies and also the most up-to-date information which whilst making it easier for all of them to qualify who to target, helps it be very difficult intended for managers to analyse performance.

The best strategies to social recruitment from the sales perspective continue to remain a fuzzy area and are tricky to monitor. And just for any record, no we wouldn’t advise asking for your employees myspace or facebook logins (even though some companies have previously done just that will).

We’d like to hear your thoughts. What KPI’s can you use to watch your recruiters buyer activity online?

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