Camping Tents – What Type is it Best to Get for a Family Camping Trip

Almost everyone will want a family tent that is a good size, not too expensive, easy to put up and above-all waterproof, in order to ensure a great vacation. These are the only main requirements and after these there are many options available and the importance of these will vary from family to family. We will start by discussing the most important features to check before you buy and then we will briefly talk about the best selling family tent brands on sale at the moment.

Regardless of how big or cheap a family camping tent is, if it is not weatherproof then it is not worth having. Many family trips are ruined by having a tent that is either not up to the job or is not looked after. To be weatherproof a tent has to be able to withstand heavy rain and strong winds at the same time. Always look at the tent reviews written by campers who have used the tent to see if there are any negative comments regarding wind and rain. It is important to note that many people don’t realize that it is necessary to apply a sealant to the seams of tents to make them fully waterproof. It is simple to do and will ensure that no moisture at all will enter the tent.

Another consideration is how easy it is to setup. Some tents can be very awkward even for two people and these should be avoided because you want something that will be easy to put up after a long drive. There are many so-called instant tents available on the market and these are the best to buy.

After that you will want to consider other features that would be particularly useful for you and your family. The size is important of course; always allow for one extra person so that you have space to store some gear. Therefore for a family of 4 always go for a 5-person tent or larger. Take into account the height as well should you be tall.

Quantities of windows, doors, rooms, amount of storage space and so on depend on your own needs and it is often a case of choosing the tent with the most options that you can get that is affordable.

There are plenty of brands to choose from and amongst the most popular family tent brands that should be recommended are Coleman, Columbia, Swiss Gear, Suisse Sport, Eureka and Wenzel. They all have a range of tents from 4-person to 12-person and bigger. The costs generally range from $50 to $250 or possibly even more.

Find out more details on the best quality family camping tents.

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