Can A Young Person In Ohio Get Cheap Car Insurance?

All insurance agencies charge higher premiums for young drivers than for older, more experienced drivers. However, this does not mean that a young person living in Stow, Ohio cannot get cheap auto insurance Stow Ohio. There are several ways in which a young driver can cut car insurance costs and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year.


Check the Mileage

Many young drivers do not realize that the more they drive the car, the higher insurance costs will be. A young driver who wants to save money should consider taking the metro from time to time, or carpooling. Walking or biking to destinations can also be a good idea.

Consider Driving Routes

An auto insurance Stow Ohio agency will always ask a young person where he or she lives, studies and works. This information has a bearing on how much car insurance will cost. A person who lives, works or studies in a poor neighborhood will likely have to pay high insurance premiums, as poor neighborhoods are often prone to car theft. If a person regularly drives through an area that has a high number of auto accidents, then he or she can expect to pay high car insurance costs. Even the location where the car is parked at night has a bearing on car insurance costs.

Get Good Grades

Insurance agencies frequently give discounted insurance policies to students who regularly get good grades. While not all straight A students are good drivers, statistics show that a good student is less likely to cause an accident, drive while intoxicated or under the influence or engage in reckless driving. Getting good grades at school not only opens the door to future opportunities but also helps on to cut insurance costs.

Buy a Car Alarm

Buying a car alarm can help to reduce insurance costs. This is especially true if one lives or drives through an area that has a high incidence of car theft. A car alarm will often deter would be thieves who will usually look for a car that is easier to steal. A young person should ask his or her insurance agency to recommend a car alarm brand name or model.

Most insurance agencies charge high premiums for young, inexperienced drivers. This is standard procedure, as a young driver is more likely to cause an accident than a middle-aged driver who has experience driving for many years. However, there are ways to get cheap auto insurance Stow Ohio. The tips outlined above are quite easy to follow and apply to young, new drivers of all walks of life. While a young driver will never get the same premium rate as his or her parents, a young person can still get relatively affordable car insurance.

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