Can Anyone Use Astral Projection Techniques?

When you are looking into the practice of astral travel and dream work, you will find taking a look at astral projection techniques is something that could be quite valuable to you.

There are also some people who find they have trouble with various methods of astral projection, not because the methods don’t work, but because they have a difficult time relaxing or cannot relax at all.

Total relaxation is essential to making the seven techniques of astral projection work successfully. The inability of a person to relax is fear. Common, if a person is just starting to learn how to astral project.

You may believe that you will die or that you will some how become injured, mentally or physically while engaging in this practice, but the Canterbury Institute, known for their occult studies, say otherwise!

There were 2000 subjects involved in this study and all of them were participants in astral projection. What was found was that not a single individual, following the techniques of astral projection, were harmed in anyway. Even more significant, everyone, followed for three years and not one individual had complained of or suffered from any problems due to astral projection.

Now all concerns or fears can be forgotten and laid to rest and we can look at some of the seven techniques of astral projection. They are easy to use and have been very success for any number of people. This is the first of the seven techniques of astral projection.

* You must first relax your mind and body. There are several techniques that can be used for relaxation. An easy one to do is deep breathing, calmly and slowly. Deeply inhale and then deeply exhale. Then relax every muscle throughout the body one at a time by tightening them and then relaxing them, start at your toes and work your way up through your body.

* Reaching the hypnotic state of mind. Essentially, this is a state of mind where your mind and body are right on the brink of going to sleep. Of course, you should not actually fall to sleep and in order to avoid doing so, it is advisable that you use the gazing method. This involves focusing on any object in the room while you lie on your bed. Simply continue staring at the object until such time that your eyes close even though you can still see the object in front of you.

* Once you see the object with your eyes closed you are going to need to deepen the state you are in. The best way to do this is to look around (keeping your eyes closed) and see what you can see. It is possible that you may see different light patterns, you may notice that the room is cloaked in a purple light. Don’t pay to much attention to it, once you stop seeing the light you will know that you have entered a deeper state. You are so completely relaxed at this point that you will no longer be aware of your physical body.

* The state of Vibration is the next to accomplish. People who have practiced the techniques of astral projection have noticed they feel these vibrations early into the projections. These people believe the feelings experienced is believed by them that this is the feeling when the astral body leaves your physical body. Nothing to be alarmed about, it is the vibrations you feel.

* This step might be known as controlling the vibrations. Start by focusing on them and feeling the way that they move through the body. Then work on controlling them with your mind. Feel them, and control them all at once and make sure that you can bring the waves on when you want to. Can you change the frequency and can you make sure that you can find them when you need/ if so, it is time to try to leave your body.

* The key element to any astral projection or travel is control, your mind has to be the one in power. While having your mind concentrating on the thought of leaving your physical body, first let your foot or hand go of your astral body. Reach them out to and object close to you, as in the floor, the wall, or other object that is familiar, then reach your foot or hand through the object. Then bring your hand or foot back to your physical body,make the vibrations slow down, and stop the session. Keep laying down and let your body fully return to an awake state.

* The final step is where you will leave your body. Repeat the first six steps until you feel comfortable with them, but this time, instead of returning yourself to an awake stage, continue to disengage your astral self from your body. When you have mastered disengaging a hand or a foot, try doing it with your whole body now. Focus on releasing your body through thinking about how light it feels and how weightless it really is. You are light, like feathers blowing in the wind and you will soon get a feeling as though you are floating or flying!

There are other methods that you can try, such as the Rope Technique, the Gazing Method, and the Anchor Technique. Spend sometime trying different techniques to see which will work best for you. There is an astral projection technique for everyone.

Irrespective of which technique or techniques you choose to use, you need to bear in mind that it’s not always possible to astral project instantly. As with so many other things in life, he does take practice.

When you are looking for a quicker shorter way to get results, remember that you should look at the audio tools that are available to you. There are some important tools that will use special sound frequencies to help you. These frequencies are known as Binaural beats, which will bring the two hemispheres o your brain into synchronization and you will find that it sinks you right into the meditative state

You can also use quality astral projection techniques hypnosis recordings to get into the totally relaxed state needed to reinforce the subconscious that it’s okay for your astral body to leave your physical body.

It simply cannot be denied that astral protection is a life changing experience, and this is something which anyone will attest to once they have experienced it. Fortunately, it is something anyone can do, particularly if you use one of the many techniques available.

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