Can arthritis be cured completely

No Any medicine that purports to cure rheumatoid arthritis completely should be treated with a lot of skepticism simply because as of now this is just not feasible.

If you comprehend how rheumatoid arthritis develops you’ll know why this is so. Rheumatoid arthritis is not brought on by any external element. It comes on when the body’s own immune system attacks the joints. As of now why this happens isn’t known. Some people feel that it is genetic meaning people in whose families rheumatoid arthritis is prevalent possess a more than even opportunity of developing it themselves.

Some others feel that there is an to date unidentified microbe whose physical structure is very similar to the cartilage in between the joints that causes it. This will prompt the body’s own antibodies to attack the cartilage thinking that it is a foreign body. This is possibly the reason why rheumatoid arthritis can attack any joint, including the spine.

What ever its trigger as of now the only cure for rheumatoid arthritis is to take medication that reduces inflammation, or to suppress the operating of the antibodies. Both these options nevertheless have unwanted side effects.

Traditional medicines that reduce inflammation, known as NSAID or Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs don’t work with rheumatoid arthritis, and the ones that do tend to cause other issues such as kidney problems, high blood pressure and heart trouble.

There’s another group of medicines that are relatively new within the market that reduces the damage caused to the joints, but these in turn can result in liver, kidney and lung injuries.

Immunosuppressants will suppress the body’s very own immune system. This means that you will get relief from discomfort, but you’ll be leaving your self wide open to other illnesses that will attack you when your defenses are down.

In traditional medicine there’s not much cure for rheumatoid arthritis except for mild exercise and also the application of hot or cold packs to relieve the pain. Even though exercising may be painful, it’ll strengthen the joints and also enhance your pain threshold. The application of hot packs will relax stiff muscles, whilst cold packs will decrease the size of arteries bringing less blood to the joint, and relieving discomfort.

There’s consequently no remedy as such in the true meaning of the word and there is no other way than an affected individual accepting this. This may need modifications to the way of life, but there’s no getting around it. however unfortunate this state of affairs is, it’s the hard reality for now. With much more advances in medical science, this might of course change sooner rather than later.

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