Car Insurance Orange County, California

Orange County residents pay higher than usual for gas and maintenance for their cars.  Residents may also be paying high premiums for car insurance Orange County as well.  By learning what to look for, you can reduce your premiums by up to 40%.  Here are some tips to reduce your premiums without compromising the amount of coverage you have:

Discounts For Being A Good Driver

In California, a driver is eligible for a discount for being a good driver if they have not had a ticket in the last thirty-six months.  A driver must have been licensed for the last three year to quality for this discount.  If you were licensed in another state, give your agent your former license number.  This gives you the good driver discount as well as more experience.  This can save a substantial amount on premiums.

Vehicle Mileage and Usage

Most insurance agents will automatically rate you between 12- and 15,000 miles driven per year.  If you drive much less, you might be able to reduce your premium.  To qualify for this discount, your agent will need your current odometer reading and will recheck this reading yearly.

Safety Discounts

An agent can only review safety options that were installed on the vehicle by the manufacture.  Adding an alarm can mean a discount on premiums.  The alarm installation company will give you a certificate for proof of the alarm for the insurance company.

Before renewing your insurance policy, review it.  If your premiums continue to rise, check with other companies to see what their rates are.  Many agents will review your policy for free to see where you can get a discount.

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