• small law firm lawyer malpractice insurance
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    Do Small Firms Need Malpractice Insurance?

    To go without small law firm lawyer malpractice insurance is a big mistake for small firms. Unfortunately, many have the misconception that they might not need it. Here is why you need malpractice insurance. Lawsuits Happen to All Firms It’s a common misconception that a client will only sue a law firm that has a lot of money to spare. Likewise, some firms believe it’s not worth demanding money from a firm that has very little. This is a dangerous myth. The truth is that it doesn’t matter how much money you have. You take a risk on your personal funds and assets when you don’t have insurance. It doesn’t…

  • state insurance agency
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    Working With a Comprehensive Carrier

    When working with a comprehensive multi-state insurance agency, you will find the agency and underwriters capable of handling the claims and policy needs of a diverse client body. With the licensing and operating requirements of each state setting a standard of excellence and quality, you can be assured that an office with such reach has the experience to meet your insurance needs. The larger an office, the better the opportunity to find a wider range of products at competitive prices. Given the need to address both residential and commercial clients across several, many agencies will be able to work with nationwide carriers for superior quality. A capable agency will be…

  • wholesale transportation insurance programs
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    How to Choose an Insurance Wholesaler

    When it comes to wholesale transportation insurance programs, as an agent, you need a partner that you can trust. Your interests should be the same. You want an agency that will give you quick quotes and turnaround times. Speed and professionalism are important. When it comes to choosing an insurance service, this is what you need to look for. High-Quality Professionalism Outstanding service should be the foundation of any insurance service that sells wholesale transportation insurance programs. There should be people to answer your questions, to work with you on a daily basis. Insurance managers understand the needs of agents. They also understand how difficult it is to retain clients…

  • SEO for insurance agents
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    How To Use SEO To Help Your Insurance Agency

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital part of increasing awareness and traffic to your website and various other online pages. Many people nowadays use search engines—especially Google—to find products and services they require. SEO for insurance agents can be improved by online marketing services, leading to more people discovering your insurance agency. How is this done, though? What Is SEO? Using a search engine to look for a specific query often results in hundreds, thousands or even millions of pages all vying for your attention. How often have you gone through all of the page results? In fact, most people tend to only stay within the first page. SEO…

  • workers compensation auditor
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    Are You Prepared for a Workers Compensation Audit?

    When your workers compensation policy comes to the end of the underwritten period, a workers compensation auditor comes to determine what the actual costs should have been for the period. The word audit tends to bring a sense of anxiety to many, but it doesn’t have to be worrisome. Here are some tips to be prepared for a workers compensation audit. Primary Contact Have a primary contact the auditor can speak to about the workers compensation policy. This helps streamline the process. The contact should be familiar with the payroll, staff responsibilities and the workers compensation policy itself. Available Forms A workers compensation auditor wants to see a ton of…

  • Guaranty Insurance
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    Coverage for the Financial Sector

    As a company operating within the financial sector, your business is exposed to a number of risks and liabilities that general business insurance will cover. Many insurance companies are not able to provide the unique and specialized policies to address your exposures, and you will need to work with an institution will experience in the industry. With Financial Guaranty Insurance, you will find a range of products suited to your coverage needs. The financial sector is more than a standard bank. Services and products could also include: Credit Unions Investment Bankers Financial Advisors Accountants Tax preparation Retirement planners Asset management Insurance firm Even within these categories are a host of…

  • linen rental service
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    Insurance Considerations for Linen Rental Services

    There are many events that require linen rentals in order to create the proper ambience. Meetings, weddings and celebrations are just a few that may require these items on a large scale. With a linen rental service, customers can look forward to receiving exactly what they need, laundered, freshly-pressed and ready to use. Then after the event has ended, can look forward to the convenience of having these items picked up and then processed for the next customers. A valuable service like this, like any business, comes with its own set of special needs. With linen rental insurance, a business like this can be run more confidently knowing that there…

  • New Jersey Workmans Comp
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    Benefits of Using FMLA with Workers Compensation

    An employee who is injured or becomes ill while working or due to the work environment has the right to file a New Jersey Workmans Comp claim. The Family and Medical Leave Act or FMLA is a separate entity to workmans comp and thus can be used at the same time. Both in fact complement each other in many cases and can provide greater benefit to claimants than wokers compensation alone. FMLA Benefits Regardless of whether or not a serious illness or condition happened while at work, an employee may be able to obtain coverage through FMLA. The law focuses on the qualifying reasons not the cause. Those that qualify…

  • insurance search engine marketing
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    Online Marketing for Insurance Agencies

    With the increasing number of people using online resources globally, it is no wonder that those trying to promote their businesses are investing more in advertising online. From website design, to social media and the technical world of SEO, learn how insurance search engine marketing can help increase online presence, spread the word to potential clients and project the ideal image with which an insurance agency would like to be associated. Types of Online Marketing Strategies There are many types of strategies that can be used to improve and increase a business’s online presence. Some effective options that might be included in a comprehensive plan include: Utilizing search engine optimization…

  • real estate professional liability insurance
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    Safeguards for Real Estate Professionals

    Working in real estate can be a rewarding career. Some of the perks include access to a variety of properties, the satisfaction of meeting your client’s needs and compensation for your efforts. However, working with real estate can be intimidating with the risks involved due to the nature of the job. Luckily, with real estate professional liability insurance, many of those concerns can be eased. Work Practices Real estate professionals can keep themselves protected by practicing good work habits. Some of the work practices below can act as a buffer to larger issues. Maintaining accurate written records of all transactions and have all agreements confirmed in a signed contract. Network…