For Permanent Magnets What Motor Users Should Consider?

The earth holds many ultra rare elements in its crust layers, and they are used in the field of electromagnetism. The process of generating power in generators ensues from a resistance against a coil-powered force. Nevertheless, some motors today use rare earth elements such as neodymium for creating magnets with permanent strength. The benefits of […]

Importance Of Earth Magnets

Some people want to know exactly and learn more about earth magnets. These are very useful things and have been popular since 1970. The elements that make them can easily be broken and cannot be used until they are plated or covered. Earth magnets are also called as Rare Earth Magnets which sometimes is confusing […]

Rare Earth Magnets

Rare earth magnets are magnets created from alloys of amarium-cobalt or neodymium. These magnets have a strong magnetic field of 1.4 tesla whereas normal magnets have 0.9 tesla. Modern devices that need to have strong magnets use these rare earth magnets. Because of their strength only small magnets need to be used instead of huge […]

Why You Need Custom Magnets

Custom magnets help in promoting your business. You can actually obtain magnets that are designed using your brand name, tag line, company logo, or any other information you wish to convey to your potential clients. The best part of all is that you can use as business cards. Why should you use custom magnets? There […]

Plate Magnets For Safe Food Production

The US Food and Drug Administration keeps an eye on food production to guarantee consumer safety. Before it was created, there were numerous reports of food poisoning and related issues, prompting the government to take action in behalf of the public. Nowadays, the FDA conducts safety checks on food processing facilities to ensure that the […]

A Short Guide About Neodymium Magnets

Discovered more than a century ago, Neodymium magnets which are otherwise known as ‘rare earth magnets ‘ are available in different shapes such as spherical, round, rectangular, square, horse shoe shaped or as discs. Neodymium magnets can either be sintered or power bonded and are generally used in security systems, computers, children’s toys and MRI […]

The Importance Lighter Fluid

One may not get an opportunity to use a significant amount of lighter fluid or butane. Smokers are normally known to use this product daily. You may find this to be acceptable, but you should know that there are many uses for lighter fluid. It is wonderful for removing sticky adhesives or glue from various […]

Safe and Secure Surfing Through VPN

You may be wondering right now what VPN is, and how using it can make your internet surfing safe and secure. For most people, VPN is something they have not heard about, or heard about it but couldn’t care less because it’s a technical computer term. Let me tell you now, you should really care. […]

Ferro Fluid Facts And Uses

Ferro fluid is simply a mixture of water or a liquid solvent and minute particles of ferromagnetic materials like nickel, cobalt, zinc and iron. Due to residual magnetism, these tiny particles move in random motion withing the fluid. This motion is commonly referred to as “Brownian motion.” In the absence of a magnetic field, ferro […]

Watch US TV Shows Outside the Country

Do you know that even when you are outside the United States, you can still watch restricted TV Channels through the use of a Virtual Private Network or VPN? This is beneficial for Americans living abroad, who wishes to catch American TV programming, shows they grew up with, or catch up with news inside the […]

Magnets: The Many Uses

Many of us may know the term magnet, but what are they exactly? They are objects that create a field, which cannot be seen, and attracts materials with ferromagnetic substances, such as iron. Magnets attract other materials, and they attract and repel magnets as well. While liquid substances containing ferromagnetic material may be magnetized when […]