The History Of Disc Magnets

There are many legends that try to explain the origin of magnets. One of the most popular is the tale of an elderly shepherd named Magnes who hailed from the isle of Crete more than 4,000 years ago. The old man was herding sheep in Magnesia, an area in Northern Greece. Suddenly the metallic tip […]

Properties Of Strong Magnets

Rare earth magnets are the strongest permanent magnets found on earth. Due to their strength, rare earth magnets such as Neodymium have replaced ferrite and alnico magnets which were in use before the discovery of rare earth magnets. Rare earth magnets are extremely strong magnets that can crush an object placed in between two magnets […]

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IVPN Review – What is IVPN VPN Service

How IVPN Encryption Works IVPN uses various encryption protocols so that the data cannot be intercepted in transit. You connect to the server provided by the company, not directly to the server you’re getting information off of. For example, if you were in a nation where Internet traffic is censored and wanted to read a […]

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Uses Of Steel Balls

People often forget the importance of simple objects in the workings of everyday activities. It has gotten to the point where common designs and mechanics are taken for granted even though few people realize how different some aspects life would be without them. A great example of something often considered mundane is steel balls which […]

Uses Of Ferro Fluid

Ferro fluid is a type of mixture that is highly magnetic due to the fact it is composed of magnetite particles within a liquid base. It is popularly used in science classrooms when students are learning about magnets and magnetic properties. Ferro fluid also has other important uses, such as in electronics and artwork.