Cigar Holders For Golfing

Many smokers will agree that one of the best times to enjoy a cigar is while golfing. Teeing off and then lighting up is always enjoyable. When smoking on the golf course, golfers need somewhere to lay their cigars while hitting. Landscapers spend many hours working to ensure that the fairways and green remain healthy […]

Popular Zippo Lighter

Most everyone has heard of Zippo lighters. These popular lighters have been around a long time and are favored by smokers and collectors. Modern lighters can be relatively inexpensive. However, older, collectible models may have a higher cost. Zippo is constantly updating their lighters for both function and fun. With so many choices, finding the […]

Using A Cigar Holder

Cigar aficionados put a great deal of effort into finding the perfect accoutrements to their love affair with tobacco. The perfect cigar must be accompanied by a good ashtray, proper storage, high quality cutters, and for many smokers, even a cigar holder. The cigar holder will prevent the cigar from staining fingers, and look great, […]