Using Remote Power Management Saves Money

Many offices have been affected by the economy. They are struggling to discover ways of saving money without letting employees go or decreasing their ability of the office to function normally. One thing that will not require much effort, but will make a big difference is setting up remote power management

Remote-Controlled Power Switches

Managing the power associated with your computer system is vital. Overloading your system with electricity can have a negative impact and eventually destroy it, making it worthless. It is possible that all of your valuable data will be lost and never retrieved if this happens. Controlling whether the power source is operable or not can […]

Generator Power Transfer Switch

Power outages are a frequent occurrence in some regions of the country. Take tornadoes and hurricanes for example, they can knock down electricity lines in a few seconds. If you live in a region where this is likely to happen, you would be wise to be prepared for this eventuality. Being prepared for the worst, […]

Gain Power Wiith A TCP IP Power Switch

If you think mobile devices and smart phones will not be around much longer, think again. With the ever-increasing functionality being brought to cell phones, there’s practically a limitless amount of things you can now do with the help of a cell phone and some additional programming. Although some might find them cumbersome to deal […]

The Importance Of Having A Remote Reboot Computer

The computers used by big corporations are set up differently than those used in the home. These larger systems use servers to transfer the information between computers. A server is designed to operate on a continuous basis so the company never experiences down time. This type of system can still experience problems if the server […]

How To Enable Windows Remote Reboot

All Windows operating systems starting from XP have a built-in application called Remote Desktop. It enables users to access other computers from their own terminals. This opens up a wide range of possibilities. For instance, if the is a problem with the PC and the owner is unsure about how to solve it, he or […]

Are Network Power Switches A Necessity?

We live in a world of information and it is not uncommon for networks to fail. If you’re a business owner you are surely aware of how undesirable such a mishap is. The network is necessary to keep things working the way they should be and any interruption can be very costly. Employees always need […]

Remote Power Management Explained

Remotely managed networks are one of the more recent developments in the way offices are managed. In opposition to other system, these are not hardware, but software based. Tasks that can be executed with this special office software are, for example, remotely controlled shutdowns, control the desktop of other computers and even remote power management. […]

Surge Devices With A Remote Control Power Switch

Most people who own computers use them every day. For this reason it is important to make sure it is going to turn on when you want it to. When the computer receives too much electrical current it can short out the mechanisms inside. The information stored on the internal hard drive could be completely […]

Restoring Your Home To Comfort With A Generator Power Transfer Switch

If you live in an area prone to power outages, you know how debilitating these occurrences can be. However with a generator and a generator power transfer switch your power can be restored almost instantly. In addition to power restoration, planning ahead should also include having flashlights nearby and non-perishable food.

Work From Anywhere With The TCP IP Power Switch

You can work from anywhere with a few simple tools that are now easily available. If you employ a TCP IP power switch, you can control power functions on your remote computer at home or at the office. You just need the right wireless card and a software program that will allow you to run […]

The Extended Features Of Remote Power Switching Devices

It is not uncommon nowadays for network administrators to manage computers outside the office. Through remote power switching and related technologies, they can monitor the network wherever they are. They can also respond to issues immediately around the clock. This is a great boon for business as experts will always be on hand to address […]

Maximizing Wireless Capability With Remote Power Control

Installing a wireless remote power control switch can go a long way toward maximizing the efficiency of your business. Wireless technology in recent years has done a lot to change the way we interact with and operate computers. Remote technology can help speed up and refine our control over many kinds of hardware in the […]

IP Remote Power Switch

A database consists of several wires and chords, all essential for keeping individual systems intact. One can imagine the complication which might arise when an individual function needs to be disconnected. The need to keep other systems intact creates serious complication for programmers. The power system might have numerous computers connected to one central hub, […]

Being Prepared For Disasters While Running An Office

Many have been noticing the large number of catastrophic disasters that are being reported on the news. Some people think that this signals doom and an impending apocalypse scenario, while others have taken them to heart, increasing their awareness and preparedness measures in the event of a disaster. A disaster can obviously happen at any […]

Generator Automatic Transfer Switch Protects Homes & Businesses

Electricity is taken for granted by most people until we temporarily lose service for some reason. Then the complexities of power become very important. It becomes evident very quickly that many homes and businesses should have a backup system to provide service in case an electrical storm or power surge disrupts power. This is most […]