Cigar Holders For Golfing

Many smokers will agree that one of the best times to enjoy a cigar is while golfing. Teeing off and then lighting up is always enjoyable. When smoking on the golf course, golfers need somewhere to lay their cigars while hitting. Landscapers spend many hours working to ensure that the fairways and green remain healthy and beautiful, so it is never a good idea to lay a lit cigar on the ground while golfing. By using a cigar holder golf related golfers will be able to protect their cigar while golfing.


Golfers who are weary of spending more time worrying about their cigar than their golf game should try using a clip that attaches to their golf bag to hold their cigar. Most of these clips are stainless steel, which means they will not rust, burn, or break. Quality clips have clip and chain so that golfers never lose their cigar on the course. They are also designed to work well with any type of bag.

Some golfers prefer to use golf tees that are cigar holders. These novel pieces are actually a golf tee with a ring on the top that you slide your cigar through.

Also available are golf wedges that double as cigar holders. Looking like a golf club, it fits into the bag, but the top is in a v shape so that a cigar can rest in it.

Before purchasing one of these items, golfers should shop around and ask the opinion of other golfers who are also cigar smokers, so they are sure which product will best fit their needs.

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