More Of Classic Car Insurance

Understanding the main differences between old car and classic car insurance is the first step you must take as an owner of a classic vehicle. Vehicles of 30 years or more of age may be covered by classic car insurance. However, the fact that your car is quite old doesn’t automatically put it in the classic category. Investing in classic car insurance may not be the best option if your car is not deemed to have excessive value Old Car Insurance.


When it comes to standard car insurance it will cover a car regardless of his age and how much it is driven. On the other hand, getting classic car insurance will restrict your yearly mileage. That’s because you wouldn’t drive a classic vehicle regularly. If you’re a collector you will probably only drive your car to a show or weekends and very special occasions.

Personal injury, medical, uninsured motorist and liability coverage will remain unaffected. The deference comes with the physical damage policy. In this case, your payout will be dependent on your vehicles agreed value. The depreciation will not be taken into consideration when a claim is being paid out. Also, the agreed value of the classic vehicle will be used for calculating premiums. It is very important that you have all updates and repairs properly documented in case you’re going to file a claim.

You can now clearly see there are many differences between classic car insurance and old car insurance. Properly insuring a classic vehicle is an important necessity to any serious collector.