As the Baby Boomer generation ages, the need for hospice care has also risen. This service has proven invaluable for individuals and families caring for those near the end of their life. Professional liability insurance for hospice can help offset the costs associated with a lawsuit due to these common risks.

Care Plans

The care plans initiated by physicians pose a risk for hospice facilities. In some instances, the plans of care are forged or untimely. The patient may not qualify for hospice care under Medicare or have falsified medical records.

Billing Issues

The costs of running a hospice facility may cause some to bill for services that pay more than was actually given to the patient. In other cases, the personnel may not be licensed for billing yet billed anyway. Improper billing can happen when there is a lack of oversight and management of staff.

Increased Litigation

As seen on, litigation costs have risen in recent years requiring higher limits for many hospice facilities. A lawsuit costs not only settlement charges, but it also costs legal fees and takes their focus away from quality care. Insurance can help offset these changes.

The increasing costs of a lawsuit make professional liability insurance for hospice facilities a necessity. Insurance has become an essential part of the healthcare industry at large.