Contraption Game Charm

This game is unique in its approach as it is actually educational as well as being great fun. The main objective is to kill zombies using a machine you have custom-built from the items available in the toolbar. There is everything you need to make your very own moving zombie-slaying machine, including engines, wheels, rods, etc . If you’re not sure how to begin, you can check out the ‘Quick Instructions’, and if you’re still not clear there is a tutorial you can watch too.

You begin the game on level one and once you have built your machine, you press ‘Go’ to maneuver the machine to mow down the zombie leader who is in your way. If your machine works, it moves along and crushes the zombie leader, taking you on to the next level. This can take a bit of getting to grips with – especially if you are not mechanically minded! But once you have built your first machine that actually works, you become more confident in building new and unusual variations. If you become really adept at machine building, you can unlock performance-enhancing parts from the toolbar with the Facebook credits you accumulate within the game. You can choose from different engines, which are faster than the basic steam engine, as well as a whole host of other items that will improve the performance of your zombie slaying machine. The fun part about this is that you can share your machine creations with other game players. You are given the option to save and name your machine, and other game players can even choose your machine to defeat the zombies.

Once you have unlocked the initial level, you enter the next level of difficulty, where you are faced with another equally ugly zombie you have to kill to progress to the next level, and the game progresses like this.

This is very much a developing and interactive game as, not only can you share your custom machines with other players, you can also create and develop levels, which again you can share with other game players too. To create a level, you need to make a one-off payment of 20 credits which will give you unlimited access to the Level Editor.

This game is fantastic fun and very entertaining to play as it does require a little thought and skill to build the machines. The first attempt can be a little frustrating as you’re not familiar with the parts you need and don’t know how the machine will move. But once you build a machine that works, it is very satisfying to see your creation move along and crush the zombie! And that’s when the game becomes a little addictive, as each time you create a machine, you want to improve on the design!

I loved the graphics on this game, the quality is awesome with great animation and vivid colors. The sound is great too.

You can play the Machines Planet The Curse of Zombies on facebook:
And you can read more about the game here:

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