Cosmic Ordering Doesn’t Work!

More and more people are looking for ways to enjoy their lives and fulfill their desires these days. They are trying to accomplish their goals and also satisfy their materialistic and other aspirations.

There are many options that promise to help your dreams come true, but there is nothing that compares to cosmic ordering.

You probably want to know more about cosmic ordering. Cosmic ordering is the spiritual practice in which you are able to claim all that you want from life from the universe. You request, or make an order for something and it is yours.

Though this may be some what a spiritual process but it doesn’t mean you need to be a “saint” to get the results. Yes, if you are one, then it will only help but this process works for normal people as well.

Cosmic ordering, simply put, is a spiritual manifestation of your goals and dreams. You will ask for, or place an order, for the things you desire from the universe. This might be something like a change in circumstances or a life change that will ultimately result in getting what you want.

To place your order with the universe, according to Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Deepak Chopra, you need to be within your ‘field of intent’. The field of intent is an invisible energy field where the spirit connects with the universe, returning your conscious desires.

You might already have used cosmic ordering without being aware of it. If you think back over your live, try to remember a time when you wanted something and it came to pass.

In fact; this is not coincidence. It is cosmic ordering at work.

Power of intention is vital to cosmic ordering since intention is nothing but an amalgamation of our innermost faith and desires.

For cosmic ordering to work at all you must truly want what you are requesting and you must believe wholeheartedly that you also deserve it.

Saying ‘I want a new car,’ or ‘I want that promotion’ and then believing that you shouldn’t get those things because you didn’t earn them, or you didn’t put any effort into getting them will make it so that your order is not fulfilled. If a better life is really what you want, then you have to believe deep down in your soul that you deserve a better life.

Cosmic ordering really can make the things you want in life happen for you and it can be one of the easiest things you’ve ever done. But there can be a downside.

For instance if you think that your boss is out to fire you and believe it, then you will end up getting fired one day.

Hence, people who are always scared of losing their job may even see their fear coming true one day. Therefore just think of the good things that you want. Don’t think about the bad ones.

Many people have lived many years of their lives in circumstances that are unhappy. They see themselves as undeserving. Negativity is so deeply ingrained that it will likely not be possible for them to manifest what they want.

If you really want to make the most of cosmic ordering, than you have to be open to the good things which can come to you and to be ready to accept a change for the better.

For those wishing to condition their subconscious minds in order to erase those mental blockages, hypnosis together with meditation are more than likely the most powerful tools.

Since the time this secret has been revealed, millions of people have actually used cosmic ordering to make their lives fun and have everything that they ever wanted. Now it’s your turn to get what you want through cosmic ordering.

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