Counselors Protect Yourself

Most individuals, who choose to go into therapy or counseling careers, choose to do so because they want to help people and believe that most people are inherently good. Unfortunately, there are times that you may provide the best help that you can for a person and still they make the decision to file a claim against you. If you are a counselor, social worker, psychologist, psychotherapist, or therapist you must protect yourself against the possibility of these types of claims with Liability Insurance For Counselors.

The choice to practice without professional liability coverage is not a wise choice. If you fall victim to this type of lawsuit you are putting your professional career and your personal assets at risk of being ripped away from you. Your home may never burn down or experience flood damage but you still take promotions to protect it in the event of a disaster. Liability coverage for counselors gives you the same protection in your career, which you have no doubt spent years building. A home can be replaced your career and reputation cannot Liability Insurance For Counselors.


Even if you are employed and your employer has professional liability insurance this does not fully protect you. The place of business has this insurance to protect themselves, you must be aware that you are not the one that this coverage is out to protect. To make sure that you are fully protected it is imperative that you have your own professional liability policy.

When you begin looking for coverage you should know that most policies include a general aggregate limit and a per-claim limit. The basic per-claim covers between one and five million dollars per claim.

If you are not currently protected with liability insurance for counselors, you must not wait any longer to do so. At any given time you could become the victim of a false claim. Do not put your career, reputation, and possibly personal assets in jeopardy of being stripped from you.